Friday, January 29, 2010

A glimpse of our future

We had our regularly scheduled Dr's appt yesterday and we got to have another ultrasound. Everything with the little one is good - we were actually told he is measuring a little big at this point (oh joy). Right now he is measuring about 32 weeks 5 days so that is about 2 weeks ahead of where I am technically at. My Dr reassured me that this doesn't necessarily mean he will be big at birth, but for now he is just measuring a little bigger. I already know he will be bigger than Brookie - one b/c he's a boy and 2 b/c I am just eating so much more this time around - I was lucky to keep much of anything down when I was pregnant with Brooklynn so she was probably getting the minimal amount she needed. This time - I L.O.V.E. So he's getting whatever he wants when he wants it. But thats ok - I definitely don't miss the constant nausea.

I also experienced something new yesterday that I never did with Brookie. I started having Braxton Hicks contractions...I was a little alarmed when they started around 5:30am yesterday morning when I was still in bed. I felt better knowing that I had my Dr's appt a few hours later, so she reassured me thats all they were and are completely normal. I never had any kind of cramping and or/contractions with Brooklynn until the real ones started the day I went into labor - and there was NO mistaking those ones for what they were. My Dr told me that with each pregnancy these things present themselves a little earlier so I can't imagine what people that have a lot of kids feel like with all these little things going on. I've had the same thing with the round ligament pains this time - never had them before, now I have them a lot. But its all for a good I'll deal with it.

Anyway....during my ultrasound yesterday, we were getting some awesome views of the little onee and I got some really sweet pics. I have been debating on trying for a 3D ultrasound again for this one - with Brookie, we could never get a good shot of her b/c of her position so I was hesitant to spend the extra money again to try this time around. Well yesterday was my lucky day.....the technician switched the machine over to the 3D one about half way through and we got to really see what he is looking like these days. We both think he looks exactly like Brooklynn did - definitely has my nose again and that little pouty Can't wait to see him when he gets here. are the pics...enjoy!!

This last one was just the regular 2d ultrasound -
it was neat to finally get a good side profile shot.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Where did the time go??

Wow - its been a whole month since I last posted....I can't believe how fast time is just flying by. We have had a busy month - seems like it has been non stop the entire time. The last couple of weekends have been full of room renovations and switching bedrooms. We are down to the final one - the baby's room :) We first started with switching Andrew & Brooklynn's rooms and repainting both and adding chair rail to Brookie's new room. Talk about chaos. Glad that part is over. This weekend we finally jumped in and began on the baby's room. Where did all this stuff come from?!?!?! Seriously - our house is in such chaos the last few weeks - its starting to stress me out. If someone would have come knocking on our front door this weekend and peeked in through our windows - they would have completely thought we belonged on those shows about Hoarders. OMG - it was crazy. We had a few dressers, a 26" tv, tons of boxes, couch cushions and who knows what else all piled in the entryway by our front door. We still have an armoire just sitting in the middle of our living room/dining room area. Today my mom and me moved 99% of this stuff into the garage - I just couldn't stand it any longer - it was driving this nesting pregnant lady INSANE. Hopefully in the next few days, we will get the final painting and touch ups done in the baby's room and be able to move the rest of the stuff in there and organize it. I love the colors we chose for all the rooms - I'll add pics at a later time to show all our work :) I ordered the crib yesterday so that should be here within the week......I think its starting to hit me how soon this is all happening. When I was pregnant with Brooklynn - we had her room done as soon as we found out we were expecting a girl - so compared to that we are about 2.5 months behind. Like I said earlier - time is just getting away from us this time.

I am 30 weeks today (only 70 days left - so just over 2 months) - crazy to think its already been that long. I am already also to the point of going to my Dr's appt every other week. When she told me that at my last appt, I just about had a heart attack - how is that even possible already??? It seemed to take forever with Brooklynn to get to this point. Of course this wild child inside of me is a constant reminder. The last few weeks he has gotten very strong and is kicking and punching and stretching out like crazy - it looks like a boxing match in there from the outside on any given evening. He definitely is making his prescence known - I actually flinch in pain quite a bit when he is going at it....I don't remember Brookie being this rough...I guess its the boy Of course I do remember Brookie being very active a lot sooner but now this little one is starting to give her a run for her money. Im just hoping he is a little more mellow and laid back once he's here...hehehe. Wishful thinking..ha! is an updated pic of my expanding waistline. I am already at the total weight gain I had when pregnant with Brooklynn and I am definitely feeling it. Scary to think I still have just over 2 months left - the 2 months where the baby really packs on the pounds...should be interesting.

Everything else is about the same. Brooklynn is really a sweet little girl full of hugs and giggles, but wow - she is ACTIVE and very head strong. Of course she is 2 years old so that may have something to do with it. We hear A LOT of 'NO's and MINE' quite a bit these days....what fun. But overall she is such a sweet little girl. She is so huggable and loves giving kisses and hugs - completely melts my heart. She is now a complete Mommy's girl too - I don't know if its a combination of her age or she senses a major change coming....but I love every minute of it. She also just changed one day out of the blue and started calling me Mommy instead of Momma.....I love it! She's talking more and more now - still hard to understand sometimes, but we're getting there. Her little voice is so cute - I love hearing her talking to us and trying to communicate with us - she definitely loves her new ability.

I don't have many new pics so I'll just include some cute ones from New Years....she loved the fireworks this year and wasn't ready for them to end that night. The sparklers were her favorite!

Hopefully by the next time I post - I'll have some pics of the nursery with everything in place and the other rooms that we have been working on :)