Monday, June 16, 2008

New Beginnings...

Hi!! Well here goes....

I realized this would be a PERFECT way for me to keep all my friends and family updated with what is going on in our lives - especially since I have so many loved ones so far away. I miss sharing so much of our lives and especially Brooklynn's life and how fast she is changing. Everything is happening way too fast and I catch myself thinking back so many times and already realizing that I am starting to forget details about certain things that have happened. I think this will be a great way for me to get it all down so I don't forget how I am feeling or whatever. So I will do my best to keep this thing updated and try to add to it will be such an awesome tool if I can just make myself get in the habit of taking the time to do it. Hopefully, some of yall will see how fun (and easy) it is and will start one of your own so I can keep up to date on your lives too!

To My Canadian Family (both family and friends)....I miss each and every one of you and hate the fact that we are so far apart and get to see each other so rarely. I love hearing from you about whats going on in life and just whatever you may have to say. Hopefully this will make it seem like we aren't so far apart by keeping in touch.

Anyway...this is enough for now - just wanted to get this thing started.....hope you enjoy!Kristen