Friday, October 10, 2008

Magic Carpet Ride....

Wow - Im actually doing another entry in the same week!!!! But I had to share this...too cute not to....We made up a new game last night with Miss Brooklynn....called Magic Carpet Ride...she absolutely loves it and just cracks up laughing......I managed to get it on video with my camera so I could share how cute it is.....we are cracking up laughing when she does it.....she's a riot! I think there is a little clip of her walking too - she's getting better and is walking farther each day.....not long and she'll be off! Ok this clip is one of her walking.....I'll have to get a shorter clip of her on the magic carpet ride b/c the ones i have are too big....I'll work on that...but for now - here she is being the 'drunk monkey'

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Whats new??

Well so much for keeping this thing up to date - I just signed on and realized its been about 4 months since my one and only post.....I knew I would have some issues keeping this thing going. But I am going to try - I start reading some people's blogs and then link to another one and then onto another one - they are so addicting...but somehow I just can't make myself sit down and write about my life. Its sad b/c I realize now how much I could be writing about and how much I am going to forget b/c I'm not. So anyway....lets see what all has been going on in the last few months.....let me try to break it down by month if I can remember correctly....

July - hmm...lets see....July 4th we went to a party at Andy's business partners beach house down in Crystal Beach - we had a good time just hanging out and relaxing - but the weather wasnt all that great. The BIG thing that stands out in my mind that day was that Brooklynn pulled herself to a standing position from sitting on the floor...I was in shock. Little did I know that my life would never be the same after that....very soon after - like maybe a day or two at most she was 'cruising' around everything in the that was a big change for us.

Brooklynn also had her 1st plane ride in July - the 2 of us flew up to Toronto to see Grandma and to finally meet all her family and all of my friends...we had a blast. She did surprisingly well on the plane - of course Uncle Michael was with us on the way from Houston to Toronto so that helped...but overall she was perfect..much better than I could have hoped for. This trip was bittersweet....I was so excited to introduce her to that part of her life, but unfortunately the same day we got there, my grandmother, Nana, passed away - literally around the time we got to Toronto...we just missed her by a couple of was surreal...the excitement we had been feeling all day was wiped away by sadness at her passing. It wasnt really a surprise - she had been going downhill very quickly in the last few years since my grandfather, Pappi, passed away but I dont think any of us thought it would be that soon. But I think it was a good thing for us to be up there during this time - I was able to be there for my mom and help her through this difficult time.....she was very close to her mom, like I am close to my mom and hopefully Brooklynn will be close to me. So I think it all happened the way it was supposed to. I hadnt seen my Nana in about a year since I was there last and it was probably her way to protect me from not seeing her and how bad she had become. So that was pretty much July.
August....I can't really think of too much that happened in August other than of course Andrew's 9th bday...we had a pool party for him with family and a few friends...he had a good time - its hard to believe I have been in his life since before he was even 2 years old - now he is 9 years old and in 4th really is so true that time just FLIES by and if you blink you miss it.

September..well you would think I would remember it quite well since it just passed...but my brain has turned to complete mush....I still try to blame it on 'baby brain'......used to be 'pregnancy brain' but obviously had to change that since its been almost a year since i was preggers! The big thing that stands out is we FINALLY got hit by a hurricane!!! I have to admit - I am a freak when it comes to storms - I love them - I am fascinated by them and could just sit and watch them for hours - any kind of storm...just love them....something about them just gets me. So I always keep track of the tropics during hurricane season and just kind of watch them. Of course I dont want a place to be devastated - dont enjoy that part of the storm but I do admit I was always a bit disappointed when a storm would look like it was heading to us but turned away. Well I stated paying attn to 'Ike' way back when it formed...there was just something about it that told me - this is the one.....Ike is the one thats going to Houston. And sure enough I was right. The actual storm was pretty incredible - it was only a Cat 2 storm - which turns out is more than enough to cause all sorts of gave me a taste of what a hurricane can do....but the aftermath is another story. I think i am done wanting a hurricane....I hate seeing all the damage it causes to places that I know and love and hearing the sad stories and knowing people who lost everything. Its just heartbreaking.....I cant even imagine. So anyway that was our big September event on the large scale of things.

Another more personal event to us that happened (is still happening) is that Miss Brooklynn took her first steps!!!! She was about 10.5 months old.....I joke that she looks like a drunk monkey! She walks with her arms up in the air for balance and wobbles all over like she's had a few too many to - its so cute. I will try to get it on camera so I can post the clip here. She's not too sure about the walking thing yet so we have to encourage her and help her out to get her going....but its a step in the right direction.

October.....well I celebrated another birthday.....(#32)shhh..dont tell! Actually its not that bad....I still find it weird to think that I am that old already. Esp when we were out to dinner for my bday and all the highschool kids were leaving the restaurant for homecoming...they are like HALF MY AGE!!!! Thats when it hits me...OMG - I am getting older!!! I still feel that young until I actually see someone that age and then reality sets in....I am a MOTHER with a kid and a husband and house and a job....its just crazy....

I am also in the middle of planning Brooklynn's 1st bday party...I am stressing big time over it trying to make it just perfect for her. Of course she wont have a clue what is going on but thats one of the things I am big on - doing a bday party all up - its all about the child that day and I want them to feel so special and its THEIR day......thats how I always felt and want my kids to feel the same way. I LOVE getting the bday stuff together and throwing the parties....I have done some pretty neat parties for Andrew over the years - we've done Spiderman, dinosaurs, sharks, camoflage you name now I get to do the girly much fun. I'll post pics once I get everything ordered. Its so much fun celebrating kids birthdays...they just have so much fun.

Anyway...I think that pretty much brings it all up to date.....Hopefully it wont be another 4 months until my next post...I'll try harder...promise! In the meantime, here are some recent pics of Brooklynn and everything she is into.....which is EVERYTHING!!!