Wednesday, March 14, 2012


My baby boy turned 2 years old today.  Not exactly sure how that is even possible.  I can remember the day he was born like it was yesterday.  I can remember his 1st birthday party like it was yesterday.  But yet its been another whole year.  Wow!

When Cannon woke up this morning, he was surprised with his birthday present from Andy & me.

He had the HUGEST smile when he realized what he got...Brookie was pretty excited too :) 

Then we moved onto his presents from Grandma....This kid is OBSESSED with Grandma's iPAD.  He knows how to get himself around and get to the apps he wants to play - its pretty scary how in tune with electronics kids are these days - its like a second language to them for sure.  Anyway....Grandma got him a VTech Innotab - its basically an iPAD style toy with a touch screen that he can play with.  We are hoping this will curb his appetite for the real thing - ha!

We had a blast celebrating our sweet boy today. His official party festivities aren't for a couple more weeks (this momma just couldn't get her act together this year) but we definitely made sure to make his day special. We spent most of the day with our good friends who also are our neighbors across the street and kept the kids busy, busy busy. Although I think I am more worn out then the kids - ha! I only wish I could have half of their energy. We started off the day going to a bouncy place. I wasn't sure how Cannon would do - I hadn't taken him since he was 18 months old - and lets just say he did NOT enjoy it that last time - he completely freaked out and he screamed like I was trying to cut off his legs. But I guess 6 months made all the difference b/c today he took off as soon as we walked in the place - he loved every second of it. He looks a little scared in this pic, but it more was of a concentration thing - this huge giant air pillow is hard work to climb up with everyone jumping around on it.

He loved going down ALL the slides this time (what a difference from 6 months ago when he was terrified of even the smallest ones).  He mostly wanted to go down the biggest ones there - in his mind - the bigger the better!  I definitely had quite the workout there climbing up all theses inflatables while carrying him - ha!

After bouncing around for a few hours, we came home for lunch and naps.  After waking up - we headed back outside for a few hours in the nice weather (it was actually almost getting too warm already - its only March!) to play with friends.

Then we got to celebrate with another Grandma...Andy's mom came over to see the birthday boy too and give him a fun new present - a 2 ft tall Fisher Price Ramp for cars.  (He was having so much fun with it before bed tonight - I had to take it out of his room b/c it was causing a huge meltdown - such torture to see a new toy and not be able to play with it until morning...hahahaha) We had a delicious dinner as part of the mom made us all yummy prime rib roast with potatoes and veggies....soooo good!

Then we got to dig into yummy birthday cake and ice cream

Of course we sang Happy Birthday to the big 2 year - this pic looks like he is covering his ears.....but really he wasn't...he was just so excited knowing he was about to get some cake :)

He didn't quite get the idea about blowing out the candle.....he was more interested in trying to touch the flame....glad we caught him before that happened.

Finally got the candle out...with a little help from Daddy :)

And again - what a difference a year makes - he LOVED his cake this year - ate every last drop.

 These 2 pics of him covered in icing look like he is in a sugar daze.....sooo funny!
 He was a mess by the time he was done.....but it was oh so good!

 Then since he was pumped full of all that sugar - he took off running to go play with his new dump truck LOL!