Sunday, January 25, 2009


I finally got my recessed lights in my kitchen!!! I am so excited. I have only waited almost 5 years to get them in and it was definitely worth the wait! From Day 1 when we moved into our house, the lights in the kitchen were the biggest thorn in my side... I hated them! We have these huge vaulted celings in our house and in the kitchen we had 2 (yes 2 side by side) of those UGLY strip florescent lights up there and then this random little single round frosted white glass light a little further over. I have no idea what the builder was thinking....but it was NOT PRETTY. Anyway one of our friends is an electrician (actually its one of Andy's partners in the electrical division at his company) and had told Andy awhile back to just let him know when we wanted it done and he'd come over and help install them. So we finally found a day that worked for everyone and now we have BEAUTIFUL lights in our kitchen....have I mentioned already how much I love them?!?!?! Here is a pic I took tonight - excuse the mess in our kitchen.....

So anyway.....that was my big excitement in this otherwise ordinary week.

In other news, we have been battling some cold/flu bugs in our house for the past week - but then again, it seems like the entire city of Houston is as well. Doesn't help that the weather is like an out of control yo-yo. One day you are wearing shorts and its 80 degrees outside, then the next its below seems a lot more up and down this year compared to other years - it just seems more extreme. There have been days that we go to bed at night with the a/c on and wake up in the morning and have to put the heat on.....its crazy. So anyway...of course Miss Brooklynn is sick....AGAIN. Every few weeks she has another bug - and I'm guessing daycare is a great breeding ground for that. So for now, she is really congested, with a nasty junky sounding cough and a nose that is running like a faucet non-stop. What fun! We actually did take her to the dr's on Friday afternoon b/c she had been going after her ears a little and she was just barely starting an ear infection (again) so we got more of her favorite pink drug...amoxicillan. So hopefully that will take whatever bug she has too and get rid of it once and for all. Its gotten so bad that I can just take the nasal aspirator (a.k.a. nose sucker/booger sucker/brain sucker) out of the cabinet and she has a TOTAL MELTDOWN - she HATES it. It looks like we are practicing moves for the WWE as I am trying to pin her down to keep her still while trying to suction her!

Other than that - we haven't been up to much but somehow the days just fly by. Here are some random pictures I've taken the last few weeks that I thought I would share....

This is the scene in our house every weeknight...
The minute the garage door opens they all run to the door
waiting for their Daddy to come in....its the cutest thing.
Daisy & Rocky have trained Brooklynn well :)

Waiting for story time with Grandma....

Enjoying time with Grandma reading a book together....
She loves her grandma and is getting spoiled
rotten and is enjoying every minute with her.

Storytime's over....looking to get into mischief now....

Her very own chair - just her size :)

A perfect hideout - her very own tent....

And just a cute pic of her one day when we were
trying on the next size clothing in her closet. I hope
it warms up and stays warm soon b/c there are a lot
of cute dresses that she is already fitting into :)

Saturday, January 17, 2009

What a difference...

A year can make!! As I was downloading pics tonight, I started going through all the pictures from the last year with Brooklynn. All I can say is WOW!!! She was so tiny!!! You honestly do forget how tiny they start out.....and how quickly they really do grow. I decided to post a few pics that really show the difference. I came across her bumbo seat in her closet a few days ago - its like a brand new toy to her. I had to laugh b/c her chunky legs can barely fit in there anymore - and once she sits down, I have to push them into place. Getting out of it is a whole other story - it stays stuck to her butt and thighs and she rolls around the floor trying to get it off - and of course she thinks this is the funniest thing ever - cracking up the entire time. Once she finally wiggles and squirms her way out she gets right back in and it starts all over again! are some pics from a year ago compared to now....

She was just under 2 months old in this pic...
no worries here about getting her legs stuck.

Here is the pic from a couple days ago -
what a difference!!!

Another thing I came to realize is how much fun Brooklynn has with Rocky and how much fun he has with her. They are always ready to play together - she throws a ball to him and he runs to get it, they play tug 'o war with whatever she can find in the room, she chases him around the room.....its so cute. He has been so amazing with her since day 1 when we got home from the hospital...Brooklynn is defintely Rocky's baby..... she jumps on him, tries to hug him and hang one when he tries to run away....he is just so gentle. And for those who have met him, understand how shocking this is. Yes he is a really sweet dog, but he is also a total livewire - its defintely the Terrier in him - he's a Boston Terrier. We would have never thought that he would take such good of her when she is around....but he completely surprised us. He can be running around 90mph and barking and growling with Daisy, but the minute Brooklynn comes by - he just stops and goes into baby mode. It is really amazing. Now if only we can work on!

This is the day we got home from the hospital
when Brooklynn was born....already Rocky is
glued to her side.

This is now - always together!
The funniest thing is looking back through all the pics - Rocky is in prob at least 75% of them.....alot of the time I crop him out but he's definitely right there with her all the time.