Thursday, July 21, 2011

16 Months

Cannon, Cannon, Cannon....where do I start with you this month?  You have been such an active little boy getting into EVERYTHING and learning so many new things!  This last month has really been huge - we can really see the difference in you now - making the change from being just a baby to becoming such an active little boy.  I only thought you kept us busy before.....boy was I wrong!  I can only imagine what the coming months will bring! :)

•No idea what his weight is this month - but I would be seriously surprised if he had gained any less than a pound since last month with his huge eating spree he went on for several weeks in the last month - I would guess at least 25 lbs if not more?

•Wears size 4 diapers

•Still wearing some size 18 mos although mostly its now 24 mos clothing and size 2T

•Drinking 3 bottles of whole milk each day

•Was doing well with eating everything but after our cross country road trip, is back to being a light eater again...ugh!

•Still getting some more new teeth in - no idea how many are left, but seriously his little mouth is ALL TEETH! I would think he is close to being almost done?

•Still sleeps about 12 hours a night - his bedtime has been a little later now - between 8:30-9pm most nights only b/c we are usually playing outside since that is the only time of day we care stand to be outside b/c of the heat.

•Takes 1 nap a day - usually around 1:30 and goes for about 3 hours on average - AND it is the same nap schedule as his big sister - a win-win situation for us all :)

•Loves the outdoors and looks forward to playing outside with our friends each night.  He has graduated to a new toy now - his sister's motorized little 4 wheeler she used to have - he will zoom all over the cul de sac in it - and loves it!  We love it too b/c its something he can do on his own so we can just relax and watch him :)

•Gotten a little better about putting things in his mouth - things still end up in there, but it seems to have slowed down since last month...hopefully this continues!

•Loves to sit on the couch or in chairs like a big boy - climbs up there and turns himself around and has the biggest grin on his face - just so proud of himself.

•Loves to imitate us now - whether it be talking on a cell phone, brushing his hair or teeth, trying to eat with utensils - its so cute seeing how his brain is learning all these new things.

•Went on his first cross country road trip...and we lived to tell about it (barely).  It wasn't the smoothest experience but honestly he is just at that age where becoming mobile is his life so being restrained in a car for 3 days and 1800 miles wasn't his idea of fun.  Hopefully by the time we head back next month, he will have forgotten how long the trip was and will do a little better.....we can dream right??

•His separation anxiety has reached a new level - not sure if the trip being in a different place has made it worse, but I can't even leave the room without him throwing a fit now.  This Fall should prove interesting with him starting the same school as Brooklynn 3 days/week on his own.

•Has become quite the little show off when new people are around - loves to act goofy and get a laugh out of his audience - its pretty funny - whether it be waving his hands around like crazy, babbling some long story and then screeching at the end or just crawling 90mph across the floor and back again and then doing it again and again...whatever he can do to get people to laugh - too cute!

•And the BIGGEST change this month is his WALKING!!!!  He was taking a few steps here and there in Houston before we left with lots of prompting by us...but since we left on our trip - he is becoming braver and doing it more and more and farther and farther.  The first night in the hotel I was getting things situated and turned around to see him walking across the room towards me out of the blue.  He did that several more times that night and the next night in the next hotel.  Then the afternoon we got to Toronto, he actually figured out how to get up off the floor into a standing position and take off walking on his own without any help - yippee!!!  He is walking more and more and we are  hoping soon it will be his main way of getting around.  He is still crawling a little more than half the time...but with more confidence each day...we should soon have a full time walker!