Tuesday, September 14, 2010

6 Months

Someone is already 6 months old - half a year?!?!?!?!   When did that happen??  We are having so much fun now with Cannon - he has completely turned a corner and is such a laid back baby and loves to play and spend time with us hanging out.  It is so wonderful to finally be at this point - the first 4 months of a colicky baby were HARD work and very demanding but its so worth it now to be past it and enjoying him so much.  He is just so happy now - he smiles at everyone and everything...love it!  Here are the latest things going on with Cannon.  We don't go for his 6 month appt for another 2 weeks so we'll have the official numbers then.

•Weighs 17.4 lbs acccording to our bathroom scale

•Wears size 3 diapers

•Wearing 6 months and 6-9 month size clothing

•Drinks 7 ozs in each bottle

•Attempts to hold his own bottle but more often then not, gets more frustrated then anything trying to keep it balanced.

•Eating baby food - so far he has had sweet potatoes, squash, peas, green beans, applesauce, pears, bananas, peaches. We usually give him a fruit in the morning for a late breakfast and then a veggie in the evening for dinner.  He's not really a big fan of eating - definitely not like his sister who wouldn't leave a drop behind..hahaha.  But he's definitely not lacking for anything judging by his weight..lol!

•Still working on sitting up - he's getting close - he can do it longer now and he has the idea down - will probably happen any day where he can do it completely on his own.

•Loves to stand up and jump on your lap while holding him - he is so strong!

•Still waiting on his first tooth - but he is always putting everything into his mouth and suck on his hands and fingers. He also still loves to pull up his shirt/onesie and suck on that too - he is usually drenched within minutes of getting dressed...lol.

•Still a GREAT sleeper - has his last bottle around 8:30pm and will sleep on average for 11-12 straight hours.  One day last week he had a rough night where he was up crying until close to midnight....makes us realize how lucky we are that he is such a great sleeper.  Luckily it was a one night thing - whew!

•Finally moved him to his crib for naps..the first few days were a little rough, but he finally got it and now takes 2 decent naps a day in there - yay!

•Loves to hold onto his little blankie...just like his big sister

•Loves his jumperoo

•Rolls both ways now when on the floor - although from back to tummy is a lot easier for him to do now - he pretty much instantly does it when you lay him on the floor...then of course he gets ticked off b/c he's on his tummy....he will then usually remember that he does know how to flip back over again and its all ok

•Loves being in any kind of water - pools, bath etc. He splashes so much now in his bathtub at night - I am usually soaking wet by the time we are done.

•Smiling & happy baby - 90% of the time - only fussy when hungry, dirty or tired

•Babbling more and more - love it!! - He also loves to squeal and make all sorts of sounds - becoming very vocal (in a good way)

•Loves getting kisses and being tickled - will make him squeal and giggle. We haven't had a full out belly laugh yet, but the giggles make us just smile so much.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Previously Enjoyed

Having 2 kids so close together, its inevitable that a lot of the toys and baby gear is getting used again.  Luckily, everything we used for Brookie is still in excellent condition for Cannon to use.  When we found out that we were pregnant with baby #2, I was so thankful that we had kept everything from Brookie a couple years earlier.  Its so fun to see Cannon getting to enjoy the toys and misc. other things that his big sister did before him. 

Another thing that I have found myself doing is comparing pics of Cannon to pics of Brookie with the same things - its so neat to see my 2 babies at the same stage of life at different times.  In so many ways, it just seems like yesterday we were doing all these things with Brooklynn...now here we are with another one - time really does fly by way too fast!  I had so much fun going through old pics of Brookie and seeing her as a baby again and seeing how much Cannon does look like her in certain pics - so neat!  Thought I would share a couple pics with you too :)  Enjoy!!!

The Highchair:
New Eating Arrangements (Top: Brookie, Bottom: Cannon)

Sweet Potato Faces (Top:Brookie, Bottom: Cannon)

Self Feeders (Top:Brookie, Bottom: Cannon)

The Bumbo Seat:
Hanging out in the Purple Bumbo seat (Top: Brookie, Bottom: Cannon)

The Jumperoo:
Jumping around and being silly (Top: Brookie, Bottom: Cannon)

The Carseat:
Car rides always make them sleepy (Top: Brookie, Bottom: Cannon)

Bouncy Chair:
Favorite Place to relax - even when they hang off the ends (Top: Brookie, Bottom: Cannon)

So happy hanging out (Top: Brookie, Bottom: Cannon)

Floor Tummy Time:
Rolling around on the floor - definitely more enjoyed by Brookie vs. Cannon (Top: Brooklynn, Bottom: Cannon)

Playtime with Daddy:
Love playing with their Daddy (Top: Brooklynn, Bottom: Cannon)

Boppy Pillow Fun:

Swing Time:
Naptime bliss in the swing (Top: Brookie, Bottom: Cannon)