Thursday, October 15, 2009

Same old...same old

So I just realized that its been a long while since I last updated the blog - I just haven't been very motivated to do it - or much else lately...for that matter. Plus there's really nothing going on lately with us - its just the same old...same old. I keep blaming my lack of motivation on being pregnant - its kicking my butt - but just in a different way this time. Its a whole new ballgame when you are pregnant with a toddler. Yes - this pregnancy I am not nearly as sick as I was with Brooklynn but the lack of energy is going to do me in. I can't take naps whenever I feel like it b/c most of the time when I get to that point, its completely the wrong time for hers - we just can't get our schedules in She goes 90 mph/ 24 hrs/day - its never ending. And she is now to the point where she goes looking for trouble and things to get into around the house. She definitely keeps me on my toes - and I can only imagine what it will be like when the new baby is here.

Talking about the new baby, I had my monthly check up today at my Dr....everything looks good and he or she has a good strong heartbeat. This pregnancy is so different. I don't know if its b/c I have already been through it all or b/c this was just so unexpected, but its hard for me to grasp that I am actually pregnant - I don't think its completely set in yet. I am really excited, but its just so different this time around. I actually get nervous each time I go in for an appt...and especially when they go to listen to the heartbeat. I just hold my breath until I hear the heartbeat on the doppler. Today didn't help matters b/c it took the nurse FOREVER to find of course my mind just thought the worst. She finally did end up finding it by pushing down on my stomach with one hand and using her other with the doppler - this little one is already showing attitude - imagine that! It was a huge relief when we finally heard it - nice and strong - just like it should be.

My next appt (a.k.a. THE BIG ONE) is only 3 weeks away!!! Its actually going to happen a week sooner that I thought since my Dr will be out of the office the following week. I can honestly say I have NO CLUE what we are having - I have gone back and forth so much - I just have no idea this time. So I thought it would be fun to put a poll on my blog to see what everyone else thinks.....I have it open to vote until Nov 4th - then on Nov 5th we will finally find out! So please cast your votes - I'd love to see what people are thinking :)

Anyway...not much else is going on. I'm back working part time - I only go in on Wednesdays & Fridays from 9:30am-1:30pm - rough life working 8 hours/ In some ways, its harder to work only 2 days/week but I wouldn't trade that in for full time anymore. Its funny...somehow I am still running out of time for doing things - the weeks just fly by. I have been busy planning Brookie's 2nd bday party - how is that even possible that my baby is turning 2!?!?!?!?! We're doing a Hot Pink & Zebra stripe theme this year - very girly. Can't wait to see how it all comes together - I'll post the pics after the big event :)

Here's some pics but like I mentioned before, I am very unmotivated to get things these pics are probably close to a month old......but I thought they were still cute to share :)

Just a normal day in the life of, play and
more play

About a month ago, we went up to my friend Natalie's lakehouse in was a 'girls only' trip. (its funny how different those look You would have thought we were packed for a month vacation - not just overnight. We are 2 of the world's worse over we had a loaded down truck as you can imagine. We had a blast - especially the little ones - they loved playing and splashing in the was hilarious to watch the 2 of them.
Blakelyn & Brooklynn - try saying that fast
when you are trying to get their
They have so much fun together...they are only about 2.5 months apart...its like round 2 of our
childhood - especially for our parents to see these 2 together - its like looking into the past and seeing us playing together as kids again (we didn't know each other when we were this young......but its still neat that we both have daugthers the same age and get to play together)
Never a dull moment when these 2 are together!!