Thursday, June 25, 2009

One of those days......

Yeah - today was definitely one of THOSE days....the ones where you wish you could just run back to bed and start over.....and it wasn't even Monday!

Ok - warning you now - this is a loooooong rant.....

It all started normal enough - got up (more or less on time) got myself ready and then got Brooklynn ready. Grabbed everything that needed to go in the car, got her cup of milk for her drive to school and we were off. So far so good right? Well it was until that point. Then I proceeded to load everything into the car, chased down Brooklynn and got her strapped into her carseat and then I jump in and go to start my car. Turn my key....and guess what? NOTHING. Not a single thing happened - my car was D.E.A.D. So I had to call Andy and he had to come rescue us. He was already at work which is a good 45 mins away from our house - so that was kind of crappy. His plan was just to just give my car a jump and we'd deal with it later. Well turns out that wasn't going to happen. My car was parked in the garage - we could not get my car shifted into neutral so we couldn't push it out. So he ended up having to go buy a completely new battery for my car and switch it out. We were finally on our way - I only ended up being about 1.5hrs late for work - not bad considering. Now I am a little weary of my car - especially since we are going on a 3000 mile road trip in just a couple of weeks.......hopefully its all better now :)

Today was also my farewell party at work at 4pm. I'm still there for another week but about 1/2 of the office will be out next week on vacation so they wanted to do it where everyone could attend - so it was today. So my great plan was to leave the office around 2:30 and head to pick up Brooklynn and drive back down to the party with her. That started out just fine. Got her on time and was headed back down to the office. She had just finished drinking her cup of milk and I'm driving down the freeway in the left lane just listening to the music. Well all of a sudden Brooklynn made this awful noise and then IT happened - she threw up EVERYWHERE - and it wouldn't stop!!!! She was soaked from head to toe, the carseat was buried in it, it was all over the floor, the backs of the seats - everywhere. Im trying to stay calm to avoid her freaking out b/c she is about to lose it b/c she is terrified. Somehow I managed to exit right then and there and headed to the nearest parking lot - Target. I got out and was just trying to figure out what to do....I didn't have a thing to clean it up with - and I couldn't bring her into Target like that.....I ended up stripping her down to her diaper and wiping up what little I could with her dress - figured it was soaked anyway - whats a little more?? Then I remembered I brought a small diaper bag with a small container of wipes - so I started wiping her down one by one trying to get her cleaned up as much as I could. Then I worked on the carseat - OMG - it was a gross. The wipes weren't doing much at all. Plus you have to remember - before this all happened, my car was reading the outside temp as 106 degrees today - Not a good time for this to happen! So anyway - got the carseat cleaned up as much as I possibly could - and I had no choice but to put her back in it. I just put her in there with her diaper - just in case. I had to keep going to work - I couldn't just not go - since the party was in my honor....and no one was home so I couldn't take her home and I obviously couldn't take her back to daycare. So on we went to my work. For some reason before I picked her up at daycare today, I decided to swing by the house and get a change of clothes - just in case she was kinda funky from daycare.....that ended up being a lifesaver - she at least had clean clothes for the party. After all that - the party was a lot of fun and Brooklynn had a blast entertaining everyone - she's fine by the way - I just think something wasn't settling right in her tummy and the combination of this awful heat...poor baby.

So now we are just waiting to see if the carseat is salvageable. The directions on the cover say hand wash only - but I can 100% guarantee that hand washing would have never gotten it back to how it needed to be. I was willing to risk it - I threw the covers in the washing machine - they look fine - they are just hanging to dry now - question is - are we going to be able to figure it all out to get them back on??!?!?!

So thats the end to my lovely day - I am off to bed now to put this day behind me once and for all! Tomorrow has to be better right? TGIF tomorrow!!!!

Oh and just b/c I can't do a post without a picture or something - here is a video of Brooklynn last week as she is 'reading' one of her favorite books :)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Counting down the days....

The last few weeks have been a blur - its not that we have had much planned, but somehow the days just fly by and we seem to constantly be on the go. Not much new has been going on with us - probably why I haven't sat down to update the blog in a few weeks again. I think we are all in 'summer mode' and just kind of being lazy. It has been so unbeliveably hot for the last several weeks and it doesn't look like we are getting relief anytime soon - both in cooler temps and rain. We joke that we are in hibernation - I never thought I would be saying that at this time of year...hahaha! I used to joke about being in hibernation when I lived up in Toronto - but it was definitely during the winters. The only way we spend any amount of time outside lately is if we are swimming or later in the evening when the sun is setting - its the only way possible. Poor Brooklynn gets so hot so fast......her face turns so red within minutes of being outside. I think we are in the wrong climate for her.....but I've already told her that I've done real winters - and that just didn't work either. So I guess we will figure a way to work something out down

So anyway...I'm counting down the days for multiple things. My last day of work is July 2nd so that is coming up fast - especially now that I spend each day training my replacement. It was kind of weird at first training someone to do MY job, but I quickly got over that. She's a sweet girl a couple years younger than me so we get along really well. I never realized how much work I actually did there until I had to break it down into individual things to teach. I knew I had a heavy workload but after being there for almost 8 years, it was routine. So she has definitely got her work cut out for her.

I'm also counting down the days until our summer trip. I think I have pretty much filled everyone in, but in case not, I am taking on my first road trip with Miss Brooklynn up to Toronto. I'm starting to worry it may have been too ambitious but I am still excited. We leave here on July 10th and get to Toronto on July 12th. On the way up we will have my brother Michael with us (he is actually flying in here today in about 6 hours). We are planning on staying in Toronto for a month! I am really excited about that - maybe it won't be so chaotic and rushed since we will have more time. Andy & Andrew will fly up on July 31st and visit up there with us for about a week before we drive back home together. Should defintely make for a fun road trip. And the biggest bonus is hopefully we can get a break from the Houston heat for a little

Anyway....thats pretty much it for now - so I'll just let you see what you came to see - pictures! lol :)

One of my favorite pics...

And another one...

Playing "Mommies" for the day
with her friend Zoey

We took them on the longest walk
and they pushed their babies the
entire time. At the beginning, they
had to get the competition going to
see who could go the was
the funniest thing ever!!!

Nothing says summer like
enjoying fresh cold watermelon


Even better when you enjoy it with your friends

Cruising in style with Brianna