Sunday, February 14, 2010

33 Weeks

The days are just flying by. Seems like just yesterday I did the post about having 100 days left until my due date. Now here I am with only 49 days left....seriously??? If these next 49 or so days go by as fast as these last 50 days...I am in trouble!
We are still working on the baby's room. The weather is really being a pain in the you know what and is interfering with finishing the painting of an armoire for the room. It has been so cold and damp for ever that it is basically leaving us 1 day per week to paint. We are doing it in the garage so we need the temperatures to be at least 60 degrees in order for the paint to dry properly. Normally for Houston this isn't a problem, but this winter its been rare for us to be that warm. I thought I was finally done with the painting today and was so excited to move it indoors so I could begin to organize everything (my nesting is in full swing and its killing me to not be able to get it all in order). Well the final touch ups revealed my pregnancy brain in full swing - I was doing a couple of very minor touch ups on the armoire's doors and when I picked one up to work on it..I realized that the other side still needed to be painted!!!! AAAHHHH!!!! Of course I had already thrown out the rollers so we didn't have one left to paint it. And then of course within the hour, the next cold front blew here I am stuck waiting until the end of the week for the next decent painting day. Not easy for a hormonal pregnant woman to deal with...hahahaha! We did move the armoire into the room tonight though and it looks great with the rest of the furniture - now just need the doors :)

Pregnancy wise - everything is going well....moving right along. I am feeling VERY pregnant now...all the fun (thankfully normal) stuff - trying to find that comfortable position while trying to sleep, 3+ trips to the bathroom during the night, 3am snack time b/c I am starving, wonderful heartburn and of course fatique have all hit with full force. I didn't get to this point with my pregnancy with Brookie until maybe a month out at this is definitely an adjustment. Of course its all worth it in the end...but its just more challenging this time around. I am more than happy to have a 'normal' pregnancy at this point after everything that happened earlier. Anyway, here are a couple pics from tonight - I am officially 33 weeks today.....and definitely have grown since my last pics :) I decided to post them as black and white as I was looking a little rough...hides a little!!!
In other big news, we have now officially began potty training Miss Brooklynn. They have been working on it for about a month now at her school and we did it here and there at home, but it was more just to get her used to the idea. So this week we made the change and she is doing really well. The 1st day she had one accident and now the rest of the time she is all about being a big girl. She goes right to her little potty like she has been doing it all along - so I guess she was ready - it was more like mom that wasn't ready. I'm not going to lie - I know I could have/should have started earlier with her, but honestly I wasn't up to it. You have to be on the ball all the time with them during this time and being 8 months pregnant isn't exactly a motivating factor. But she's made it pretty easy on me now and having Grandma here to help too is definitely an advantage. So hopefully it continues on like this and we will be fully daytime trained a lot faster than I thought. We'll tackle night time training down the road a bit....