Friday, January 14, 2011

10 Months

Our little man is 10 months old today...hard to believe in 2 short months he will be a year old.  This last month he really seems to have had a major growth spurt - both in size and developmentally - all of a sudden, he seems so much older.  He really interacts with us now and you can tell there is starting to be understanding on his part when we talk to him - its so neat when they get to this stage.  We've got a busy busy boy on our hands too - he goes from the time he wakes up until the time we put him down for a nap or bedtime - non-stop!  He goes looking for trouble - into everything and full of mischief.  He knows how to wear this Mommy out! :)

Here is what Cannon is up to these days at 10 months old:

•Weighs 22 lbs - doesn't seem to have gained much weight in the last month but I think a lot of that has to do with the fact he is so active and never stays still for a second.

•Wears size 4 diapers - we have a few more size 3 that we are trying to finish off and then its finally to size 4 - definitely over due!

•Wearing 12 months and 12-18 months size clothing.  We can still squeez him into some size 9 months....but they are definitely snug.

•Drinks 7 ozs in each bottle - 4 times a day - I think he is starting to wean himself from formula - he has started leaving a couple ounces in most bottles - or it could be b/c it requires him to sit still for too long to drink it - ha!

•Great eater - eats yogurt and sometimes a banana for breakfast, a jar of fruit and puffs for dinner and a a jar of veggies for dinner - and often will have some of what we are eating - (pasta, mashed potatoes, etc)

•Finally figured out how to go from sitting to crawling so he is off in a totally different room in 2 seconds flat once you put him down

•Loves to stand up - but still needs help to get himself up.  I think that is coming soon too b/c he is starting to reach up and want to get himself up..just hasn't figure it out quite yet.

•Loves to play on Brooklynn's little trampline she got for Christmas.  He will actually whine until I lift him up there.  He just stands there squealing and is so happy.  He loves when I make him bounce a bit - giggles non stop with a huge grin.

•Army crawling is still his method of getting around - he has perfected it and can get around to anywhere he wants in record time

•He has 6 teeth now - 4 on top and 2 on bottom.  I thought he was getting another 2 teeth on the bottom...but so far they haven't appeared.  I am happy that we are having a break from teething - it was really rough b/c he got all those ones more or less at the same time - not a fun time!

•Had another double ear infection just before a new antibiotic for it and ended up breaking out in a full body rash with hives for about a week - finally cleared up!

•Back to sleeping 12 hours/night....from 8pm to 8am.  During the teething mess...he woke up several times in the night crying so we are happy to have our awesome sleeper back.

•Takes 2 naps a day - one longer one about 2-2.5 hours and the other around an hour

•Anything he can get his hands on will go straight into his mouth - loves to chew on anything and everything

•Will tolerate the exersaucer for a little bit but gets tired of being restrained and would much rather be crawling around looking for trouble.  Definitely not as big of a fan as he used to be - too bad for me!  Miss the days I could just put him in it and he'd be content for a long period of time - I could actually get stuff done without having to worry what he was getting into or where he snuck off to.

•He is getting into everything - finds anything and everything he can get his hands on and tries to eat it...paper,fluff, string, etc.  Drives me crazy b/c he ends up gagging on it....scares me to death b/c I am so scared he is going to choke.  No matter how much we vacuum or pick up pieces off the floor, he will still find something else.

•Loves to clap his hands - he is so proud of himself...its hilarious!

•Loves to dance to music - he just rocks back and forth with his cute!

•Babbles constantly - he just started saying ma ma but I'm pretty sure its not in relation to me - its just his sound of the moment.  I think I have heard him say da da but same thing - not in relation to anyone/anything.

•Celebrated his first Christmas.  Of course he really didn't get it, but he was more happy to try to eat all the wrapping

•Saw his first snow at Grandma's house up in Canada.  Was NOT a fan of the cold so we didn't even attempt to let him play in the snow.  Maybe next time!

And now...onto the monthly pics.  Its definitely getting  more challenging with each month.  Looking through these pics, I was laughing so hard b/c so many of them are of him trying to escape.

I managed to get a couple of good ones of him sitting peacefully with his sign..

 The he decided he had enough and was on his way....

 Absolutely no fear...he tried to go off head first off the

So I went to put him back on the chair...and of course he refused to sit still and wanted to stand.  So after fighting with him to sit down and losing, I held him up for a second and he was so happy this is what we got instead...
 Then he realized his sign was up there...and well we all know how that turns out!!!

 Of course...straight to the mouth!

Our little photoshoot was done - and I was ready for a nap...too bad he wasn't :(

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

And The Rest of Our Trip

Well we are back home now after our trip up north.  The flight home went ok - but definitely not as laid back and relaxing as the trip on the way up.  We had an early flight back so we had to wake up insanely early.  I booked it that way on purpose thinking the kids are usually in happier/easier going moods in the morning since they are fresh.  But it is rough waking up that early - when its pitch black outside (and freezing). 

Anyway...things went ok - just a lot more work heading home - mainly b/c in Toronto, when you check in, you then have to go to customs & security which means you are on your own the whole way.  Not an easy task when you have a luggage cart loaded down & piled up way above my head (4 suitcases, 2 large carseat travel bags, carry on duffel bag and a laptop) and also have to keep track of 2 little ones.  Luckily Brooklynn knew she needed to help me out and did her job perfectly once again!  We also scored when the lady at the door to customs took pity on me and snuck me up to the front (bypassing the long lines) and got me right up without having to wait so we got right through.  That easily saved us a good 45 mins or more with not having to wait in line. 

The flight was also a lot more full on the way home so we had to stay in our own seats with Cannon on my lap the whole way home.  He didn't too bad considering...but it was a constant job to keep him happy & entertained.  We hit some pretty bad storms too when we got closer to Houston so the flight was also anything but fun and ended up circling around the aiport for an extra 30 mins in the storms b/c of the backlog from earlier delays.  Of course both kids fell asleep literally 5 mins before we landed - go figure!  Needless to say, I was very happy to finally land and let the kids move! 

The rest of our trip up there was really nice & relaxing.  We really didn't do much - only went shopping here and there and visited a little with friends and family.  It was exactly what I needed.  The last month before we went there it felt like our lives were moving in high speed - we were so busy all the time, that it was nice to just spend a day (or two) in our pjs all day and just play.

 Brooklynn thought it was the funniest thing ever for Cannon to ride around in one of her doll strollers...apparently so did Cannon :)  He looked like a giant baby..hahaha
 Running around the kitchen..they were both cracking up and squealing - they were having so much fun

 Such a happy boy!!

Everything was fine until Cannon decided it was time to pull his big sister's then she got up to leave
And poor Cannon was not happy anymore :(

We also finally got snow too - yay!!!  We really thought we were going to miss out b/c it just wasn't happening...but luckily 3 days before we left and then the day before we snowed and it was perfect!  Brooklynn had a blast even though it was really cold.  I didn't even bother bringing Cannon outside b/c he HATED the cold anytime we went out - he would scream from the second we got outside until we finally got inside - definitely not a fan.  Seeing how excited Brooklynn got when it started snowing made me view the snow in a completely different light - it was so much fun.  Living up there for over 11 years, I never stopped to see how beautiful it really was.  Of course, its easy for me to say now that I live in Texas - I don't have to worry about shoveling my driveway, brushing & scraping all the ice & snow from my car or doing the daily commute in it to & from work.  I got to enjoy it just like a kid would...and it was great!

 The view from my Mom's balcony
 One of my favorite things about snow has always been the pink sky at night.  It is so pretty and is a definite sign of snow on the way.  This pic doesn't show the true color although it does show how light the sky is when it normally is pitch black - its so light its almost like daylight...its really neat.
 This pic almost shows what the pink sky looks like - still doesn't do it justice!
 When it started snowing, it was getting pretty late, so we just let Brooklynn play out on the balcony...there wasn't much by this point anyway..but she still thought it was the neatest thing ever!

 Peeking in Uncle Michael's window...
 Cannon enjoying the snow from the comforts of the warm indoors - smart kid :)

The next morning we got all bundled up and headed out.  Getting dressed to go play outside in the snow is a job within its self...especially when you have to dress a kid too - ha!

Almost ready...
Finally...30 mins later...and ready to go!!!

 Trying to make a snow angel - the snow wasn't too deep that day yet so you can see the grass below
 Trying to sled down the hill - we definitely needed another helping hand to give her a push down the snow
 Wipe out!!!

 We finally gave up and walked back to Grandma's place to just play and try to build a snowman

 But unfortunately, it wasn't the right 'snow man making snow' - it was too light & fluffy...we needed the wet & heavy snow...oh well..maybe next time!
 Miss Rosy Cheeks when we got back inside and started peeling off our layers....

So anyway...that was our trip - lots of fun, lots of relaxation...and just enough snow :)  Now we are back to reality with school, work, housework, fun!