Friday, February 20, 2009

Mommy's Little Helper...

Where did the last month go again? I think the weeks are going by faster and faster....hard to keep up. We haven't even been up to much. We ALL finally got rid of those nasty bugs we had for so long - I think we had a WHOLE WEEK of no runny noses and no medicines of any kind! I'm okay saying that without fear of jinxing myself b/c I think we have already started into the bugs of this week.

Yes you guessed it - Brooklynn woke up yesterday all congested and then throughout the day she had a runny nose that would not let up for even a second. Both Andy and me both have scratchy throats and Grandma (my mom) has been sneezing. What in the world is wrong this year?!?!?! Surely it can't be the fact that just the other day it was in the 80's during the day and now tonight we are going down into the 30's..that just couldn't be So anyway....I'm hoping whatever this round is - it will pass quickly with no trips to the Dr's office. Lets keep our fingers crossed :) I'm not one to rush the summer to get here, but geez this 'winter' NEEDS to end!!!

Well Brooklynn had another Dr's appt last Friday (her only scheduled one out of the 3 she had in 2 weeks) for her 15 month check up. When did she get so big?!?!?!

So tiny at just 2 Days old
and now at 15 months!

She is literally off the charts in height - she is now 33" which puts her above the 97th%. Her weight has slowed down so she is only 26lbs lol....she is still in the same percentile (75th% - 90th%) but is now at the lower end instead of the top. We have all noticed that she has started thinning out now that she just runs everywhere! She is getting so tall - definitely looks older than 15 months. And to think she was so tiny and only fit into preemie clothes when she was born - she has definitely made up for that.

Nothing else going on with us - just busy with work and all the other fun day to day stuff. I got some cute pics of Brooklynn last weekend when she was 'helping' me around the house. I figured I better enjoy it while I can b/c I know there will come a day where it will be like pulling teeth to get her to help. So for now...enjoy my favorite little helper :)

Busy helping with the laundry

Waaayyy too much laundry....

Tasting each piece before it goes to the dryer
(don't ask b/c I have NO CLUE why she felt the
need to taste each piece of clothing....
just Brooklynn being

Finally all the laundry is in (and tasted for freshness)
ready to be dried. (pls. ignore the lovely half eaten
shelves behind Brooklynn - that was just one of Rocky's
masterpieces from his puppy days - the dog picture
sitting on the floor is prob hiding one of his best treats
for us - a hole that he dug right through to the sheetrock)

Wondering whats next on our 'to do list'