Monday, April 16, 2012

Party Like A 2 Year Old

Well like I mentioned, we threw Cannon's 2nd birthday bash a few weeks after his actual birthday.  I just had so much going on from February through the beginning of April, that I just sort of lost track of time and realized I could never get the party to come together the way I wanted in such a short time.  So instead of stressing myself out over it, I decided to just do it a few weeks after - no biggie since Cannon really didn't have a clue anyway it was even his birthday and definitely has no concept of time - ha!

Anyway...despite having tons on my plate, I did have fun getting ready for the party.  We chose a Mickey Mouse Theme - this boy is OBSESSED!  So really there was no question about it.  I did a vintage Mickey party - just red, black & white - sooooo easy to coordinate things without having to buy too much actual  Mickey stuff.  And oh my...the ideas I kept finding on head was spinning....I was having so much fun looking through it all and planning what I would do. Too bad I couldn't get my act together and make my mind up with what I wanted to do - ha!

At first, we figured we would just do a friends party one day and then celebrate with the family the next day, but we eventually changed our mind and did one big party.  It turned out really well and Cannon was surrounded by lots of friends and family that love him.

Be prepared for picture overload - just wanted to make sure I documented his party since you only turn 2 once :)

So as I mentioned above....there were a few months that were pretty packed with things going on so that really determined just how much I was actually going to do to get ready for the party.  I found the cutest invite on Pinterest and had every intention to re-create them myself - they were definitely easy enough, but very time consuming.  I even went as far as buying the right cardstock and scrapbook paper to make it happen.  Well I quickly realized I was going to have to give up a little control of things if I wanted to keep my sanity.  So from the pic of the invite that I pinned onto my Pinterest, I ended up ordering my invites from the lady on Etsy.  Let me just was worth every.penny!  With the click of a button and a few emails back and forth, the invites were done!  Except that they weren't b/c I ended up deciding a little later on to just do one big joint party with friends and family after I sent them out.  So I ended up just getting some store bought ones and trying to add a little personalization to was too late by that point to place another I just had let it go as hard as it was :(

Another idea courtesy of Pinterest was the Mickey Mouse Wreath.  When I saw it, I knew I HAD to make looked easy enough for me to tackle it.  I added the #2 to it as well just to finish it off.  Lucky for me my good friend and neighbor used to own her own floral shop so she rescued me when I was having a tough time making the ears stay on the face - ha!

Walking through the front door, I set up the kid's favor bags full of Mickey stuff of course :)

Also on hand to greet Cannon's guests was Mickey Mouse himself - well a balloon anyway :)  This thing was huge and would actually "walk" around the room.  Cannon loved it - and thought it was the funniest thing ever when he treated it as a punching bag...poor Mickey1

Cannon and his good ol' pal Mickey Mouse.

Just did a simple fireplace mantle display.  The banner was another idea courtesy of Pinterest.  Of course, my initial idea was to do a banner that read Happy 2nd Birthday but as I quickly ran out of time and realized the night before the party that I hadn't even started on the banner, I opted for the shorter banner of just "Cannon".  That and the fact that the circle cutter I splurged on to make my life easier, didn't exactly live up to the hype and did anything but :(

The dessert table with lots of yummy treats.

Another view of the dessert/cake table - hard to get a decent shot with the lighting against the back window.  The Mickey Mouse head balloon table decorations were another idea I borrowed from Pinterest - and I can actually claim I made those completely on my own with no help.  The dollar store was my best friend for creating these cuties.

Another view into the kitchen with some of the yummy snacks

Another kitchen shot.  Yes - I might have went overboard with the balloons, but to me nothing says birthday party like balllons!  And plus, I wasn't sure how much I was actually going to accomplish as far as decorating and I figured if nothing else, at least it will be festive with all the balloons :)

Mickey Mouse cake....

Cannon's personalized subway art that I was inspired by....Pinterest of course!  I had a quick crash course on using photoshop elements...didn't think I would be able to pull it off....but I managed to get it the way I liked.

And present time of course.  Cannon would open a few gifts and then get distracted by something so I would end up opening them for him.  Oh the life of a 2 year old - hahahahaha!

Look....a ball!!!  He would be set for life with any kind of and bubbles - such a simple kid - ha!

Checking out his new loot with his bud Parker

Finally it was time to sing Happy Birthday.....

And blow out the candles....

And I just had to include this pic of Cannon - this is my view of him 99% of the time - running towards me!  We had a such a great time celebrating this sweet boy.  Still can't believe my baby is 2 - what a crazy 2 years it has been :)