Tuesday, March 15, 2011

12 Months

Happy Birthday Cannon!!!  Yesterday he turned one year old...I cannot wrap my mind around that one!  It feels like we completely just skipped over about 7 months and now here we are - its just crazy!

It has been a busy month trying to get ready for his 1st birthday party.  So many little details to get finished but somehow it all got done and we all had a great time.  Cannon really has developed quite the personality....he's getting just as goofy as everyone else in our household..lol!  I guess he really had no choice - ha!  He is constantly doing things to get our attention and make us laugh - never a dull moment.  He still goes 90mph from the time he gets up until its time to go to sleep - definitely keeps us our toes.

Its so hard to believe how much he has changed in just one short year....last year at this time he was just a tiny, helpless newborn that could only just lay there....and now - we have this active, into everything, curious little boy who won't sit still for a second.  We have just had so much fun with him watching him grown and learn new things.  I made a point to make sure I really enjoyed the short time when he was a newborn and little baby b/c I knew from experience it goes by so fast.  Despite the first 4 months being rough with dealing with a colicky baby, I always knew that it would pass, so I still managed to take the good out of all of it.  He loved to be held all the time, and I loved being the one to get to hold him since I was home with him all the time.  I didn't get to spend all those hours during the day with Brooklynn when she was little b/c I was still working full time...so I wanted to make sure I took it all in.  Cannon is such a cuddly little boy - even to this day - still loves to be held but definitely not for as long b/c he is just too active.  Even with trying to soak all these moments in...and making a conscious effort to do so...it still flew by.  We are now entering toddlerhood with him - a whole new experience for sure - looking forward to watching him learn all the new things this year brings.

Anyway...here are all the details about what Cannon has really been up to this last month:

•Weighs 23.8 lbs according to his Dr's appt last week

•Wears size 4 diapers

•Wearing between 12 months - 24 month size clothing - the 12 mos are starting to be a little snug...so 18 mos is the ideal size right now, although I bought him a bunch of summer clothes in 24 mos hoping to make them last through the summer - and he can already fit into them...

•Usually drinks 4 bottles per day - 7 ozs per bottle - but he has been leaving about 1-2 ozs behind...too busy to finish them - ha! There have been several days that his nap schedule has been off and he goes with one fewer bottle and does just fine.

•Great eater - mainly eating table food now although for some meals we add in a jar of fruit or veggies to complete his meal.  For Breakfast, he eats yogurt and a banana or toast. For lunch he loves having mac & cheese or grill cheese and some fruit and most of the time will eat what we are having for dinner along with a jar of veggies. He also loves the Gerber Pasta Pick Ups....one of his favorite foods.  He is so funny now whenever he sees us eating - he throws a fit until we give him some of our food - he loves to eat!

•Walks around everywhere holding onto things.  Probably started doing that the day after his last monthly update post where I said I was waiting for him to start cruising....

•He still HATES the musical lion - Brooklynn's old walking toy after he fell over with it on top of himself.  I found a sturdier train ride on toy that he can walk behind and he has warmed up to that. He can walk behind it slowly...although he prefers to just push it while scooting along on his knees.

•Loves to walk around with one of us holding his hands....he thinks he is a big boy doing that!  He is starting to get better and better doing this - definitely progressing towards walking on his own - still a ways to go..but moving in the right direction.

•He now mainly crawls up on his hands and knees...sometimes he will get back on his tummy and do the army crawl..mainly when he is pushing a car along and needs his hands free - ha!

•Still has the same 6 teeth - nothing new still.

•Finally got the 'all clear' last week on his last double ear infection that would not go away.  It took 3 different antibiotics to finally clear it up - so happy!

•Sleeps 8pm-8am sometimes until 9am - love it!

•Trying to figure out his napping schedule.  For a few weeks, it really seemed like he was trying to give up his morning nap..so I prepared myself to just go down to 1 nap/day in the early afternoon.  After experimenting a few days with different nap schedules, he went back to wanting 2 naps a day...just the first one is a little later now - usually between 11-11:30am that usually lasts about 1.5-2 hours and a shorter nap in the afternoon - usually between 4-5pm.

•Still eats and/ or chews everything he can get his hands on

•Pretty much done with sitting in the exersaucer - now he is happiest just to walk around the outside of it playing with all the toys...

•Still loves his bathtime. He just loves to play in the water wherever he can find it...bathtub, dog bowl, humidifer in his sister's room...makes a huge mess anytime he can find some water.

•Still loves to be in his walker outside and will actually whine until I put him in there so he can have his freedom.  He can go everywhere with that thing...if he gets stuck, he knows to lift it up and keep on walking - its hilarious!  Whats even funnier is how he walks around in it...he will bob his head back and forth with each step...hahahahaha!  Just hope when he is learning to independently walk..he doesn't try to do that then.

•Constantly says Mama..and dada...and occasionally it sounds like he says other things...but pretty sure they are just a fluke.

So now onto the pics....I ended up trying to take his pics late in the day yesterday on his birthday...definitely not a smart move - he wanted no part of it by that time.  So after trying for several minutes to get him to calm down and stop crying...I had to give up. 

This is what I got last night when trying to do his pics....poor guy was just worn out.

Luckily he woke up this morning good as new and we got some happy, smiling pics.  Also...is it just me or does he suddenly look so much older???  He just looks like such a big boy in these pics this month....

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Cannon's 1st Birthday Party - Part 2

The day of Cannon's 1st Birthday party was almost perfect.  I had been watching the weather for many days before.  The first time I looked at it about 10 days out it showed the whole weekend as rainy...but of course being that far out...its anyone's guess what it would really be like.  Well as the days went on and the day got closer...the rainy weather was getting pushed later and later into the week so it was looking more promising.  Finally on the day of the party, the weather was beautiful - sunny and warm...but extremely windy! Houston never seems to be very windy..but there were times when we were setting up that a huge gust of wind would blow threw and it felt like we were trying to decorate during a hurricane...hahahaha! Of course it wasn't THAT strong...but when you are out in the open and trying to set up misc. party things....it sure did feel that way :)  But thankfully we had no rain - I was so relieved.  Of course, it wouldn't have been a big deal to have it indoors - that was the main reason for choosing to have the party at Andy's grandparents house - they definitely have the room indoors or outdoors to throw a party.

Anyway... Cannon seemed to really enjoy his day - although I'm pretty sure he had no clue what was really going on - just another day for him and of course he loved all the attention.  I wasn't sure how it was going to work out b/c we had to be over there setting up and getting things ready pretty early...so I knew the likelihood of him getting a nap in was pretty slim.  Sure enough I was right.  We brought his pack & play to take a nap in, but he just screamed the whole time he was in there.  So we just gave up and let him play.  He actually held out really well throughout the rest of the day.  I think there was enough to keep him entertained that he never had a chance to realize how tired he was.  He did end up catching a quick nap on his Daddy's lap for a little bit...probably just enough to tie him over until bed time.

Cannon got lots of great gifts for his bday - he is definitely one spoiled..oops I mean loved little boy ;)  Of course when the presents were being opened, he was more concerned with eating leaves off the ground - go figure!  Luckily for him, he had lots of little friends willing to help him open his presents...hahahaha!

Here he is...completely turned AWAY from the gifts...searching for his leaf

And eating one....

This pic cracks me up - still can't get over how curly his hair is?!?!?!  Don't ask..b/c I have no clue where it came from!!!  I think Andy said he had curly hair when he was a baby...b/c we know its definitely not from me!!!

And here are all his little helpers...a ladies man already!  hahahaha!

Just completely oblivious to all the presents behind him...lol! 

Finally it was time to sing Happy Birthday to Cannon.  He loved being sung to...he was smiling so big and acting silly...he was taking it all in....

And then it was time for THE CAKE!!!!  At first he wasn't too sure what to do with it..he finally stuck a finger in it.

He got a little taste of it...so far so good....

Enjoying his cake with his big brother and big sister

He was still being pretty careful with how he was touching it...not too crazy about getting it on his fingers...

Just kind of looking 'over it' by this point....he was done with being dirty...too bad his Mommy & Daddy weren't done yet...

A little extra help from his mean Mommy....poor guy..  :(

He was NOT happy about getting even more on his hands....

Finally....Daddy comes to his rescue.....

Or does he???  Nope...Daddy gets him even messier...poor kid just can't catch a break! 

Its just so rough turning one!!!

Someone...anyone???  Please help????

Poor little guy....

Finally we decide he is done making a mess...

My poor messy boy....from head to toe!

And the aftermath!

We enjoyed his birthday party so much with our family and friends.  Thanks to everyone who came out to celebrate our special little guy.  It was a lot of work but so worth it in the end to celebrate such an amazing year!  Can't believe my little Cannon is one year old!!!