Monday, November 15, 2010

8 Months

Wow - its hard to believe that our little boy is already 8 months old!  It is so crazy how fast its flying - even faster this time around.  Cannon is such a sweet sweet boy - we love how fun he has become.  I know I say it every month, but he really is just so much fun to be around.  His little personality is coming out more and more each day...he definitely has a bashful side - nothing like his big sister thats for sure!  He just lights up whenever Brookie or Andrew come around - I know he is just itching to be able to run and play and be all crazy with them too - won't be long!  His little voice is just so cute - and totally all boy!  Its a deep little voice for sure.

Took some pics this morning - although yesterday was his actual 8 month birthday.  Poor Cannon has been under the weather the last few days - had a fever and is all congested....not a happy boy right now.  I got some cute ones although he definitely wasn't as smiley as usual.  But he did make some of his silly faces towards the end!

Here is what Cannon is up to at 8 months:

•Weighs 20lbs 7 ozs at the Dr's office last week

•Wears size 3 diapers

•Wearing some 6-9 month size, mostly 9 months and beginning to wear some 12 month size clothing

•Drinks 7 ozs in each bottle - 4 times a day

•Loving his baby food now - has fruits for breakfast & lunch and then a veggie for dinner.  Favorite fruit right now is apples and favorite veggie is sweet potatoes

•Loves to sit up and just play and look around

•Pushing up on his arms & knees - the crawling position. Not at the same time yet...but working on trying to figure it all out.

•Loves to grab his feet and pull off his socks so he can chew on them

•Finally got his first tooth - on the bottom

•He is sick right now for the first time.  This is a whole new experience - Brookie never acted sick and when she was, it never affected her sleeping or anything else.  Cannon on the other hand is definitely letting us know he is not feeling good...he is fussing a lot, wakes himself up when he coughs and is just irritable.  I feel so bad for him - and to top it off he is also dealing with the pains of teething
•Still a GREAT sleeper - has his last bottle around 8:15pm and will sleep on average for 12 straight hours.   Still working on de-swaddling him.  For naptimes I have just put him in his sleepsack and he is definitely improving.  He will fall asleep without fussing most days, but his naps definitely aren't as long without the swaddle blanket.  So its still a work in progress - although right now b/c of him not feeling well, we are just swaddling for naps & bedtime - I think its much more important for him to get his rest properly to get better, then to fight with him with this sleep training.  So we'll start back to the sleep sack as soon as he is feeling better.

•Takes 2 naps a day - one longer one about 2-2.5 hours and the other around an hour

•Anything he can get his hands on will go straight into his mouth - loves to chew on anything and everything

•Still enjoys the jumperoo - he will jump all around in it and then get himself turned around to where he can just sit and watch tv....I wonder where he gets that from??? (cough....Andy?)

•Still is rolling everywhere - although now he has figured out how to army crawl on his now he is much more efficient - can go side to side and forward....although he still fogets to move his one arm out in front of him to pull himself out, so it gets stuck under him and he does a faceplant into the carpet....and of course this makes him mad and he fusses - I just think its so funny to see him trying to figure it all out....

•Loves to work his way back to behind the tv and go after all the wires....not a good thing!  He is starting to give us a taste of whats to come as he gets older and gets into everything.

•Starting to become very vocal - when we take something away from him, he will have a crying fit....starting young!

•Loves getting kisses and being tickled - will make him squeal and giggle.

•Babbles constantly. He has such a deep voice - definitely all boy!

•He is such a snuggler..he will just curl up into your neck/chest when you are holding - soooo sweet! I am enjoying every minute of him like this b/c I know he will soon be too busy to be like that.

 Loves his Sophie the Giraffe chew toy

 And the silly faces finally make their appearance - he loves to blow rasberries at me...

 Even when he's sick and such a mess - he is just so cute! :)

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Party Party Party

We have had a busy weekend celebrating Miss Brooklynn's 3rd Birthday.  Yesterday (Saturday) was her big party celebrating with her friends.  I finally decided to give in and have it at a jump place - and let me just say - I was so thankful that I did.  She invited her friends from her class at school along with some of her other friends and they all had a blast!  I never once had to worry about the weather and what would 'Plan B' be for bad weather - b/c I would have needed it yesterday - at least in the morning.  It was cold and rainy - but in the end it turned out to be a beautiful sunny day.  But it didn't matter - it was all good since it was indoors! 

I think in total we had 15 kids come so it was a good turnout.  They were so cute running around and playing together.  Brooklynn gets so excited to see her friends outside of school.  She was sooooo excited that it was finally HER birthday party - she has been to so many in the last couple  months and would always ask me if it was her turn...and yesterday - it finally was!!! It was a lot of fun b/c she finally got it this year - she understands it was her day and was all about her.

 This was the party room - we did her birthday party in a Pink Mod Monkey was really cute - and it was kind of fitting too since the place we had her party at was Monkey Bizness....hahahaha!  All of the stuff I ordered online at various websites...I was really happy how it all came together.

The Party Room - the plates & stuff came from Celebrate
 Cake Table
 Birthday Cake - I ordered the Cake Topper image off of Ebay and then just ordered a regular white birthday cake from HEB
 Party Favor Bags - I ordered customized stickers for the party favor bags
 A close-up of the favor bag stickers
 These 2 are Brookie's BFF's from class - Lauren & Dalton - they are who she talks about!  They played hard and were ready for cake & ice cream
 These kids were wound up from all the running & jumping - they were so hyper in the party room.....
 The Birthday Girl with her cake
 Listening to all her friends singing Happy Birthday to her....(she sings that song all the time when she is in bed at
 Making her wish and blowing out her candles
 Time to dig in - notice who she is sitting beside....Dalton of course!!!
 Then at the end I got this crazy idea - how fun it would be to get a pic of all her friends  These are the best we could do - a bunch of 3 year olds sitting still at one time..not an easy task.  Some of the kids were busy elsewhere - ha!  I took a bunch of these pics and just included a few - its hilarious to look at each kid's expression in each pic...hahahaha!

 Afterwards, my friend Sally from work and her daughter Chloe came back to our house to play and hang out.  The girls had a blast playing together with all her new toys!

Then today, we celebrated Brookie's bday....again!  This time we ate lunch at Grandma & Grandpa's house with the family and opened presents and ate ice cream cake - yummy!  We had a nice time and she got lots of fun things.

Just a little excited about her next birthday cake and another round of Happy Birthday!

 Making another wish and blowing out her candles

Present time
 Enjoying her cold ice cream cake - a little ironic since it was only in the mid 50's - I planned that one well...hehehehe!
 Enjoying her Great Aunt Judy
 We tried to get a pic of the (Great) Grandchildren....again - not an easy task.  This is the best I got of all of them - I think the others may have been a little luckier...
 But I did manage to get a good one of our 3 kiddos....what a fluke!  Poor Cannon is still not feeling well - he was melting down pretty quickly by this point...poor boy.
 Brookie loves her Great Grandpa.....
 And the Grandma with her her grandbabies.....we told them to make funny faces...and of course our oldest 2 were all over that!!!
We had a great weekend celebrating....but we are happy its all done now....until the next one! :)

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Happy 3rd Birthday Brooklynn

Today we officially have a 3 year old daughter.  How is that even possible?  I still have days when I am doing something with Cannon and catch myself realizing that Brooklynn isn't the baby of the house anymore.  Of course she will always be my baby, but its so hard to believe that she is 3!  I was just looking back through pics from her 2nd birthday last year - she still looked so babyish...still had her little baby chubbiness and cute little baby face.  She has changed so much!  I have realized within the last couple months - she is no longer a toddler - she has turned into a little girl.  I don't worry about messing up her schedule anymore - that if she skips a nap, we are in trouble or how in the world am I going to get her to go to sleep somewhere other than her bed?  She just goes with the flow now and can just do whatever we need her to do. Love it!  She's my little buddy - I can just say "c'mon Brookie...lets go" and she just comes along for the ride - so much fun! 

Brooklynn is such a fun little girl - so full of life and up for anything.  She is completely fearless - which for the most part is awesome, but it also means we just have to be careful with her b/c she will try anything!  She is the best big sister - so sweet & caring with Cannon - always trying to help me out with him - whether it be getting something for him that I need, or trying to get him to stop crying by making him laugh - she loves to give him kisses & hugs....just so sweet!  She is also the most observant little girl ever - if someone has a new haircut - she will notice. Also she is also saying how my shirt is cute or how I look pretty.  Makes my heart just melt.  I still can't get over how much she has changed in the last year.  She can talk your ear off now - 90% of the time we can understand her and its so fun to actually carry a conversation with her.  Just so neat seeing her grow up and becoming her own little person.

We just had a low key day today to celebrate her special day. Next weekend is her big party with her friends on Saturday and then her celebration with family on Sunday. She got to open her presents today from us and from her Grandma's. Then this afternoon we took her to a local playground to let her play and run and climb and then feed some ducks at the pond next door - she loved it!

All Brookie's bday presents waiting to be opened

Checking out her new Kaleidoscope

Loving her new baby doll

Lots of fun books

And a spiderman kite (she picked it out)  I showed her a princess kite and a Little Mermaid kite...but she wanted...a spiderman kite....she cracks me up!!!

Her new robe

Off to the park - lots of fun swinging

and stepping

and crossing bridges

and sliding

walking with Daddy to the duck pond

All the ducks saw us coming and started wandering over towards funny!  They were not scared of us at all - came right up to us.

Brookie thought this was the neatest thing....she was right up close & personal with the ducks

As they were walking through the ducks...Brookie kept saying "Excuse me Ducks" lol!
There so were so many of them!

They kept Cannon pretty amused too...

Brookie thought this duck was the coolest one ever - had a mohawk!!!

Watching the ducks go for a swim

Then the real fun began - Brookie got to chase the ducks!  She was cracking up!!!

 Phew!!! All that duck chasing is hard work!!!  Time for a break!