Monday, October 25, 2010

Up In The Air

We had a fun-filled weekend this past weekend. We actually had a break from going to birthday parties - so we took advantage of a free Saturday and decided to make the trek down to the Wings Over Houston Air Show at Ellington Field. We had decided a couple weeks back that it would be a fun (and different) outing to make with the kids - and since this time of year is (supposedly) much nicer to spend outdoors - we figured it would be perfect. So the night before we headed to Academy and stocked up on the safety ear muffs to protect our little ones' cute!

We didn't get a pic of Andrew at this point with his ear muffs - he wasn't having any pics at this point of the morning - ha! 

I was so impressed with how organized everything was with getting in and parking at this event.  There were so many cars everywhere - and we got down there around 9am but they had it all mapped out and had cones and police directing traffic and cars were in lines patiently waiting to get a spot.  It only took about 20 mins to make our way through the line before we parked and walked to the gates.  Considering how long the lines were, we were really surprised how fast & effectively it moved.  I can imagine the chaos that would have happened had they not had it so organized...and we are so thankful for that.  A lot of times we skip going to different things around town b/c of the hassles of getting in and out...not worth it.

Anyway....there were so many planes and displays set up - tons to see.  They also had a kids area with inflatables and rock climbing and a bungee swing type thing.  Then of course all the shows with the planes - incredible!  I love planes and its just crazy to think that they can do all these stunts and still be able to fly.  I do have to say that I think I watch those 'caught on video' shows too much b/c I just kept seeing bad things happening....oops!  Thankfully everything went as planned and it was great.  We found a pretty good spot and sat and watched the different shows...amazing how close you are to these huge planes.

This was the neatest thing - they did a small re-enactment of Pearl Harbor - Tora! Tora! Tora! - they had the bombs and explosions and everything - it was pretty surreal to know that this really happened.

After we watched a bunch of the different shows, we walked around and ended up at the kids area to let the kids burn off some energy.  Andrew had a blast jumping up and down and doing flips on the bungee swing thing and then climbed up the rock wall like it was nothing.

Meanwhile, Brookie was busy doing the obstacle course and climbing up the huge slides...

And poor Cannon just had to sit & watch all the fun that his brother & sister were day soon enough he will be right there with them being all crazy..hahaha!

After we were done in the kids area, we started walking back towards the gate. They had one of the NASA planes that carries the space shuttle from California to Florida on display. So we waited in line to go up in it and check it out...pretty neat. Poor Brookie was a little confused - she thought she was getting to go on an airplane to go visit - poor girl!

Andy ended up having to skip this tour of the NASA plane since Cannon was taking a snooze... 

That was of course until the F-16's came roaring through and woke him up in a second!  These are my favorite - I have always wanted to fly in one of these...of course I would probably be sick in under 2 seconds flat...hahahaha!  The ear muffs came in handy for these ones - they are soooo loud!  I could have just watched these all day.

 And just some other pics of the planes on display

 I thought this was the most unusual plane I have ever seen.  I think I saw somewhere they nicknamed this one "The Guppy".  It reminded me of a dolphin or something....

 And here we are right before we left - right after the F-16's were done flying...we were worn out after being outside for over 6 hours in the sun and watching all the planes.  Andy & I both agreed - we had a great time and the kids did well overall, but next time it may just be the 2 of us enjoying the planes - we ended up missing out on the Thunderbirds - maybe next time :)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My Favorite Time of Year

I LOVE this time of year for many reasons.  The obvious would be that we are finally getting a break from the brutal Houston heat.....or at least we are supposed to.  The last week has been a little too warm for my liking again - today my car read 91 degrees...crazy!  But compared to 2 months ago - its definitely bearable.  But still - I'd actually like to have a Fall with cool days. 

The other reason I love this time of year is all the kid's consignment sales.  My favorite one is going on right now - Just Between Friends.  I went for the first time last fall - about a week after I found out I was having a boy.  I stocked up on TONS of stuff for Cannon last year so I was hoping to score again this time - and lets just say this year didn't disappoint!  I managed to go to the Pre-sale this time - ahead of the masses that will go starting tomorrow.  As I was getting out of the car, I ran into a friend who was leaving - she gave me the bad news that she had just waited in line for an hour to check out!!!  I seriously contemplated just going home.  I had Cannon with me and just didn't see how it would be worth it.  But I decided to venture in anyway (big and sure enough - the line was wrapped around the entire thing.  So I just started looking around and taking my time.  I think I can honestly say this is the biggest consignment sale I have been to yet.  Soooooo much stuff!  I ended up being there about 2 hours and Cannon didn't make a sound - just hung out in his stroller babbling to himself and looking around - have I mentioned how awesome this little man is now???  He is just the happiest baby ever - definitely my little shopper ;)  I ran into this one lady several times and she kept going on and on about how good he  If only she knew how we spent our first 4 months together - ha!  Anyway like I mentioned earlier - I got some great deals for both Cannon & Brookie.  I love that place - I feel like I could go back every day and still find more  If you've never been to this sale and love a great deal - you should definitely check it out - they are all over the US.  Thought I'd share what I got and give you an idea of prices.  Each seller sets their own prices - but for the most part they are pretty similar.  (Sorry that some of the pics are rotated - not sure why they uploaded to the blog like that and I am too tired to try to fix it)

1st - here is Cannon's stuff:

2 Pcs Old Navy $4

4 Pc 1st Thanksgiving $4

Children's Place
2 Long Sleeve Tops $7

Carters 2 Pcs
New with Tags $5

Carters 3 Pcs
New with Tags $5

Carters Onesie $2

Children's Place
2 Long sleeve Tops $7

Hat & Mittens $5
(For Cannon's Halloween Costume)

Dwell Studio $4

Old Navy
2 Long Sleeve Tops
and socks $5

Old Navy 2 Pcs $4
Jeans & polo shirt

Old Navy Onesie $1.50

Old Navy Romper $5

1st Bday Plates/Napkins $5

Circo 3 Pk Long Sleeve Onesies $2.50 (brand new in pkg)

Moose Rocker $12

And for Brookie, this is what I found:

3 Pcs $8

4 Pcs $8

Corduroy Dress $4

Denim Skirt $4
(perfect for Go Texan Day)

3 Pcs - Gymboree
with 2 barrettes $10

3 Pcs - Gymboree
with 2 bows $14
(pants new with tags)

2 Pcs $5.50

Old Navy Dress $6

Old Navy Rain Boots $4
(For Brookie's Halloween Costume)

Old Navy Top $3

Princess Doll $3

I think I am now done with their fall/winter wardrobes - yay!!!  :)