Friday, April 17, 2009

What a week!!! (in pictures)

Just thought I would warn you now - there are a lot of pics with this post - sorry - couldn't resist all the cute ones from Easter!
So my title says - what a week! It all started a week ago today (last Friday evening) when Brooklynn got some kind of stomach bug out of nowhere and was throwing up all night - EVERYWHERE! My mom and I had run to Walmart to grab some stuff when we got a call from Andy when we were on our way home. Brooklynn had just thrown up all over the living room floor and left a trail to the kitchen where Andy had managed to carry her to. By the time we got home, she was stripped down to her diaper, confined to the tiled kitchen area while our living room carpet was drowning in Resolve Carpet Cleaner (we really should have taken out stock in that stuff......) So we get it all cleaned up and she seems to be ok - not really acting sick so she played some more and then it happened AGAIN - all over the place. Same routine - clean her up, clean the carpet, etc etc. Well this continued several more times in a couple hours timeframe. We just basically kept a towel right there with her. By this time she was starting to act like just maybe her stomach was actually bothering her...just became really clingy and whiny. So I decided to just giver her a quick bath and put her to bed - she seemed to be doing better after her bath - she finally managed to drink some pedialyte so I was happy to see that she wasn't getting dehydrated so that made me feel better. Until I got up from the rocking chair with her to put her in bed and then it happened - AGAIN - projectile this time - all over me, the rocking chair, floor, bookcase - EVERYWHERE! I felt so awful for her - she was terrified - she just kept gagging and didn't know what to do with herself. So we figured - it was going to be a loooong night. So back to the same routine - everything was cleaned up and she finally got to bed and guess what? She went right to sleep, and never got sick again! So she was all better. We kept her on a very bland diet the whole next day - just dry toast, apple sauce and bananas and of course pedialyte and/or apple juice. So I was glad that was behind us - our first stomach bug with her - defintely not fun!

So then it was Easter weekend - the kids had tons of fun - lost count of how many Easter Egg hunts they had....but lets just say - there is no question Brooklynn now knows what to look for once you give her a basket...hahaha.

Easter Egg hunt#1: practicing in our backyard...

Couldn't resist this pic of Brooklynn and DAISY!
Can you believe they were actually this close
to one another? Daisy must have had a temporary
moment of confusion....she ran away pretty quickly
once she realized how close they were...

Trying to figure out what to do next....

I just love this close up pic....she's so fascinated
with the camera - she loves trying to see the
screen on the other side....

Easter Egg hunt #2 at the church (the building
on the right is her new school that she will be
going to in the fall....I'll explain at another time..
that's a post in itself down the road.)

And...they're off!!! She just needed a little
reminder about what to do - she never had
to worry about all the other kids before
this hunt....

Almost done with her basket full.....

Checking out all their loot.....tons and tons of
candy....I was too late in trying to get pics of
Andrew's Easter egg hunt in a different area...
Those hunts for the bigger kids are wild....
its like a mad dash when they tell them 'go'.
Andrew just about got run over by a father of
another kid trying to get pics of his kid during the
start of the egg hunt....crazy!

And finally for Easter Sunday, we had a nice
lunch with Andy's family...

On her way to Grandma & Grandpa Hill's house...
We call her "Superstarrrr" with her shades

A family pic of the 4 of us...not an easy task!

Guess what?? ANOTHER egg hunt.....all 3
great grandkids had their OWN area for hunting
their eggs.....they had a blast...

Andrew had to actually 'hunt' for his eggs
high and low....definitely makes it interesting
for him.

Now all the Easter eggs have been found and
once again checking out their loot - candy and
money this time!!!

Hope y'all enjoyed our week in pictures.... :)

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Life as a Princess (really is a lot of work)

And I have the picture to prove it!!!
I'm sure that is how Miss Brooklynn sees things in her life - if she could only talk she would probably go on and on about how rough it can be! She is definitely getting closer and closer to the wonderful 'TERRIBLE 2's" - I can already see it. We've already started working on time outs in the corner - she thinks its the funniest thing ever! When you try to catch her to change her diaper, put her in her high chair or anything else - she takes off running full speed ahead in the opposite direction and giggling non-stop. She is into anything and everything she can get her little hands on. And when you get the first thing away from her, she is already into the next thing in the next room!
She is definitely giving us a run for our money - but we wouldn't change it for anything. She really is a lot of fun - and so full of character - she has us cracking up non-stop. So naturally the other day when I came across this pink tutu at Marshall's - I knew she just HAD to have it. I thought it would be cute for down the road when she is bigger (the smallest size they had was size 6) but as I was going through her closet today, I took it out and decided to try it on her just for laughs - and guess what?? It actually fit! How does a size 6 fit my almost 17 month old child??? I was so excited b/c I knew she would love wearing it with her necklaces and bracelets....and what cute pics I could get! So today she got to be a little princess - and boy did she live up to the name! I managed to get a few cute pics of her - long gone are the days where she would smile on I am just happy for her to be looking at the
Anyway here are a few of the nicer pics of our 'Little Princess' for y'all to enjoy :)

In other news, we have also enrolled Brooklynn in Gymboree classes - they are every Saturday morning for 45 mins each. At first, I was worried that 45 mins wouldn't be long enough, but now I know better. Its 45 mins b/c it wears the parents out!!! Talk about a work out - you are constantly chasing your kid around a room full of stuff for them to climb, jump, swing, slide, balance and walk on - I am ready for nap time by the time the class is over! Its a lot of fun and Brooklynn loves it and it definitely helps her burn more of her boundless energy. The only downfall is that she now thinks that EVERYTHING is meant to be climbed on around the house....never a dull moment!

Excuse the fact that she is running around half
naked in just a diaper - this is where I found her
when I went looking for her to put her in the tub
tonight. Of course I had to grab the camera to
catch her in the act!

Another one of the many lessons learned at
Gymboree - CLIMBING!!!

Finally got her wrestled into the tub and now
she is playing nicely....
Until I got ahold of her hair and did a crazy
hair-do - she thought it was hilarious - and
she couldn't even see it!!! What a ham!!