Thursday, May 19, 2011

14 Months....finally!

Wow....I am really slacking on this blog last post was over a month ago...for the 13 month update and now I am several days late posting this month's update. Well I guess its better late than never right?  I just seriously cannot sit myself down to write a post.  Just.can'  But I know I will be kicking myself if I don't keep up with these monthly neat to go back and look back on these.  Only wish I would have been doing this for Brookie too.  I guess I am a little backwards - usually its the 1st baby that gets all the milestones and important dates documented....but for me its been Cannon.  I really need to fill out Brooklynn's baby book while I can still remember most of her major milestones...b/c my memory is pretty unreliable these days hahahaha!

Anyway......Cannon.....well he's still a mess.  But a good mess.  He is constantly making us laugh and getting goofier each month....wonder where he learns that from??  He's also becoming more high maintenance again.....mainly with me.  He wants my constant attention and always wants me to be holding him.  Mother's Day Out can't happen soon enough - we both need it.  I never had to deal with this sort of attachment from Brooklynn as she was in daycare by 8 weeks.  Now with Cannon - he's been with me 24/7 for 14 months already...and it shows!  Don't get me wrong...I have loved every second of it (well mostly...b/c lets face it - being a SAHM is way harder than I ever imagined) but I need him to be more independent and able to function without me.  This Fall is going to be interesting...he is going to be 'that kid' in class that completely freaks out when I leave.....dreading that!  But I know he will grow to love it and love being with other kids during the day getting to play and will just take time.

Anyway...moving on....lets get to the important stuff....what he's been up to this last month:

•Still weighs 24.1 lbs according to our bathroom scale - somewhat surprised the weight hasn't changed in a month, but then again, he has become a really picky eater and never sits still for a I guess that it does kind of make sense when you look at the big picture.

•Wears size 4 diapers

•Wearing mainly size 18 mos and 24 mos clothing. Also can wear several pieces of clothing in size 2T - definitely following in his sister's footsteps - going to be a big boy!

•Drinking 4 bottles of whole milk each day - haven't attempted the sippy lately....still not a huge fan of it even with juice...

•The last week he has decided to become a picky eater and is giving us a hard time.  Even his normal 'go-to' foods aren't happening 2 nights ago he ended up having a banana and some veggie flavor snacks for dinner.  I was just happy he woud eat that - didn't want him to wake up in the middle of the night starving.  Pasta and yogurt are some favorites right now though....but there is only so much of those I can feed hm...

•Still waiting on him to become a walker.....he is just on his own schedule.  Finally got him to walk while only holding onto one of our steps right?

•Finally got another tooth in on the bottom left.  The rest of his mouth looks like it is about to erupt with many more teeth soon....maybe that is why he has been so picky lately?

•Sleeps 8pm-8am

•His napping schedule is all over the place.  There are many days where he ends up with just a longer nap in the late morning/early afternoon.  I honestly don't mind those days since he is more than ready for bed in the evening - with no crying.

•Seems to be doing a little better about not putting every single thing he finds in his mouth...its maybe more like 90% now....I'll take what I can get....

•Loves his time outdoors - he is happiest just being down on the ground doing his own thing....

•When I put him on the ground outside, he will do a crab walk kind of crawl - up on his hands and feet so his knees don't touch the ground - its hilarious.

•Added the word 'ball' to his vocabulary just 2 days ago...of course its more like "bah" but he is definitely saying ball as he will go find it and then hold it and say "bah bah bah" over and over again...

•FINALLY started waving this last week....seriously...14 months and we got a wave!  See what  I mean he is on his own schedule????