Tuesday, August 23, 2011

First Haircuts

Yesterday was a BIG day in our house.....not only was it the first day back at school for at least one of the kids (I'll save the first day post and pics for later), but I finally broke down and took Brooklynn and Cannon for their First Haircuts...EVER!  Both of them had this milestone on the same day...lol! 

Brooklynn is 3.5 years old - will turn 4 in just over 2 months so I think she was long overdue for this to happen and Cannon - well anyone that has ever seen Cannon knew how much hair this kid had...lol!

I think it was the hardest on me - ha!  I was ready for Brookie to get her hair cut - she no longer had the cute little curls on the bottom and it was just starting to look stringy amd uneven.  But I was having such a hard time with Cannon and his precious curls.  But I knew it had to be done - this heat was melting him.  He looks really cute with his new big boy look, but I do miss those curls....it will just take time to adjust. :)

Here are a few pics from our big day....

BEFORE PIC....bye curls..  :(

 Cannon wasn't too sure at first about this whole thing....

But then he settled down once he realized he could 'drive' his car and watch cartoons...

Almost done....

All done...now he didn't want to get out of the car...go figure!

Next up..Brookie's turn...poor girl barely fit in her car...lol!

She did so well.....sat still the entire time and watched her favorite movie...Cars.

Almost done....

Not a drastic cut, but just trimmed it and straightened it up.  We got some longer layers to give it some more volume...her hair is so fine.

All done - such a pretty girl with braids :)

Cannon was busy playing at the train table while his big sister had her turn

And my two new kids..hehehehe

Make sure to check out the new monthly post below for Cannon too :)   Running a little behind these days...hahahaha!

17 Months

I don't know how its possible that Cannon is already 17 months old - he is almost halfway through the year to his 2nd birthday!  It just seems like yesterday Brooklynn was this age and now he we are again with this little guy.  He is so much fun and full of life - always smiling and full of hugs for us.  I love how cuddly he is.  We are quickly leaving the baby days behind and entering the toddler phase.  I did love him being a baby and enjoyed that time with him (for the most part...lol) but I absolutely love this age - so fun to see him explore and experience new things and learn how things work.  Their brains are developing so much right now - so neat to see it all coming together.

Anyway...here is a glimpse of what Cannon is up to these days....

•Weighs 26.2 lbs according to our bathroom scale

•Wears size 4 diapers

•Wears size 24 months and 2T size clothing

•Drinking 3 bottles of whole milk each day - about to begin bottle bootcamp this week....wish us luck!

•Appetite came back full force and loves to eat - his newest favorites are sandwich meats, chicken strips, pizza, cheese, diced peaches and pretty much anything that we are eating

•Loves to climb up in my lap and rest his head on my chest....melts my heart.  Then he thinks it time to start playing a game where he will look up at me real suddlenly, laugh and then throw his head back down..and then it starts all over again.  I have been head-butted a few times - he has a HARD head!  Ouch!

•Mouth is FULL of teeth - can't really see any that are still missing although I really don't put my fingers in his mouth - could easily pull my hand out with one less finger - ha!

•Still sleeping 12 hours a night - did awesome being away from home for a month too - both in the hotels and at Grandma's house - I thought for sure we would have some issues with the sleeping arrangements but he surprised me and did just fine in the pack and play.

•Takes 1 nap a day - usually around 1:30 and goes for about 3 hours on average - AND it is the same nap schedule as his big sister - a win-win situation for us all :)  We have gone a few days here and there with him missing his nap completely and he has done ok...although I am not ready to make this a habit - but good to know its now possible.

•Is a full time walker now - getting faster by the day.  He thinks he is big stuff now and tries his hardest to start running away from us during diaper changes, bath time - any time we need him for something.

•Favorite time of day is in the evening after dinner when we can finally get outside to play.  Now that he is walking he has so much fun outside in the cul-de-sac with the other kids....just walks everywhere - so much easier for us too.

•And since we are now walking - we have seen a huge improvement from everything ending up in the mouth - still a few things here and there but defintely not the way it was a few short months ago...yay!!!

•Some of his favorite toys right now are his lawnmower, ride on train thing, cell phones, wooden train set, little cars he can push around and play with...and of course anything Brooklynn is playing with

•Because of his new found independence, he has become more strong willed as well....breaking up fights between him & Brooklynn is a daily occurence - multiple times a day.  And oh my - can this boy scream when he doesn't get his way....learns from the expert..hahahaha.  His world is about to start changing when he has to learn he doesn't always get his way...fun times ahead for sure!

•Recently discovered his love of cartoons.....thanks to being in the car almost 1700 miles each way when we visited Gs randma.

•Loves waterslides!  We have been a few times here in town to a little waterpark and he loves being in the water and sliding down the slides with me.  On our drive back home from up north, our first stop was at a hotel that had an indoor waterpark attached so we headed over and spent a few hours there.  Cannon loved it (as did the rest of us).  He would slide down the little kid slides by himself - I would help him at the top and Daddy would be at the bottom to catch him.  He would climb out of the pool all by himself, climb up the stairs and head right back to go down again - such a big boy!  People around us were looking at us like we were nuts at first for letting him go down by himself, but when they saw him laughing and heading back for more on his own - they understood just fine that it was all him!

•And finally...the big change for this month is.....Cannon got his first haircut!!  We just did it yesterday, so I guess if I would have been on time, his monthly pic for this month would have included his curly long hair....but since I am so late posting this....it includes his new look.  I do love his new haircut - esp today since its been washed and just looks normal instead of gelled up.  But I miss his long curly hair - a lot! :(  When I got him up today, he didn't have 1 single curl left - I may or may not have shed a few tears over that....but like I said...I do love his new haircut....he looks like a big boy now.  Plus I KNOW not having that mop of hair is MUCH cooler on him...esp in this crazy heat.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Planes, Trains & Roller Coasters

We've been enjoying our trip up north - visiting with friends and family and time for lots of play.  Last week I decided it was finally time to take Brooklynn to Canada's Wonderland - its a huge amusement park that I used to go to all the time when I lived up here....so much fun!  My friend Katrine joined us for the day and we got to go back to one of our favorite places from our teen years.  We had such a fun-filled day - just the three of us - Cannon got to stay home and play with Grandma.  We enjoyed our girl time and loved getting to be like a kid again.  We spent 7 hours there!

 Brooklynn went on ALL the rides in the kids area and loved them - she is definitely fearless!  A few of the rides were for kids only so Katrine and I had to wait on the sidelines and watch.  She jumped right in and had a blast.  She even made a few little friends waiting in line and got to ride with them - always more fun riding with someone else :)

We did get to get on some of the rides and have fun too - we loved the carousel....

Brooklynn also rode her first roller coaster - The Ghoster Coaster!  Its a wooden roller coaster that was actually a lot faster and higher than I ever remember...but she did just fine....and actually requested later on in the day to go on another roller coaster.  Such a big girl!

 Taking a peek at the coaster she just got off of.....

Got to fly a plane....

 Ride on a train.....

And go round and round on the swings.....

And another little roller coaster....

Here we are in the front seat zooming around the corner...

LOL - and here is the pic of us from on the ride that they take and want you to buy....I just snapped a quick pic of the pic...hahahaha

Helicopter rides....

There is also a waterpark attached so we took a little break from all the rides and headed over there to cool off.  Brookie is a pro at waterslides and jumped right in....Brrrr...that water was FREEZING!!!

We even got to go down on a waterslide together on an inner tube....it was pretty fun!

Hitting the pool of water - it was way too cold...lol!

After we cooled off we got dried off and changed and headed back to the rides and hit up our next roller coaster...Thunder Run...I remember this one being pretty calm when I used to go on it - its in the main part of the park so its not really a kid ride....so we decided to try it.  I made sure to tell her it was going to be really dark and really fast....and boy - I was NOT lying.  I definitely don't remember it being that fast!  But surprise surprise - my fearless girl loved it! 

We finished off our day with probably the most relaxing ride...The Swans...

I loved spending the day with Katrine and my little girl - made some awesome memories!  We all had such a good time but wow - we were all worn out after 7 hours!