Monday, March 29, 2010

The last two weeks...

Its been just over 2 weeks since our family grew plus 1. (And to think that I could still be pregnant for another week until my official due date of April 4th - have I mentioned how happy I am that he decided to come early??) It has flown by but surprisingly it has gone pretty well. The kids seem to be adjusting well to having a baby brother in the house and Cannon is doing really well. Both kids love to take turns holding their baby brother. My worries of how Brookie would react to not being the baby anymore so far haven't happened. She loves her 'Baby Bubba' as she calls him and is always wanting to hold him and help me change him, feed him, burp him, etc. She really hasn't shown any jealousy towards him - she's just a little more sensitive now and gets her feelings hurt a lot easier than before. But overall, everything has gone really smoothly - better than I could have imagined....hopefully it continues :) is a glimpse in pictures of what we've been up to the last 2 weeks....enjoy!!

Taking turns holding Cannon

Sharing snacks together...

Story time....

Playtime on the floor activity mat....
Going for a walk and enjoying the beautiful weather

Nap time....
Fussy time.....(only at diaper changes)

Bath time...

New hairdo's - 'The Mohawk'

And getting a 'new' car (a.k.a. THE BUS)
b/c we outgrew our last one.

Hope you enjoyed our last 2 weeks in pictures :)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Home sweet home...

Let reality sink in....we are now a family of 5!!! We made it home from the hospital this morning around feels great to be home. And let me just say this so I never forget this moment b/c it may only happen once....Both kids 2 & UNDER ARE ASLEEP AND QUIET!!!! AAAHHHHH......

Ok - now that I have that out of my system, I can go on. Everyone is doing well and all are happy and healthy. Cannon is doing great - he only lost an ounce since being born. He is a great eater once you are able to wake him up....he LOVES his sleep. Brookie was so excited when she heard us pull into the garage when we got home. She came charging out to greet us and just about knocked me over when she hugged sweet. She was so excited to see "her baby". Its going to be a full time job to keep her from 'helping' so enthusiastically .....haha.

Then of course the dogs are going crazy to have everyone home - they are both intrigued by Cannon. Even Daisy is into him this time.....we'll see if that continues. When I got home from the hospital with Brooklynn - she wouldn't look at me for 3 days so this is definitely a change on her part. Maybe she will actually like the baby this time....I guess time will tell. are some pics of the last few days. Enjoy!!!

The proud Big Brother & Big Sister....
Getting ready to add their handprints to the wall
at the hospital. All the brothers & sisters get to
add their handprints to announce the arrival of
their new siblings
Andrew showed Brookie how its done since he's
a pro - he has another set of prints down
another hallway from when Brookie was born
Brookie's turn....
And the final product..... :)
Cannon waiting to go home for the
1st time....this newborn size sleeper
swallowed him
When we got home, we had a welcoming crew
waiting for us.....
Brookie was so excited to see her little baby brother
this just melted my heart...and she did it without
me even asking her to do it...such a good big sister...
And then there were the other 4 legged siblings...
Notice Daisy - she is actually keeping an eye on him
and is very interested in the new arrival this time

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Our newest addition

He's finally here!!! We are so excited to announce our newest family member is here safe and healthy. Cannon _____ Crow made his debut at 7:26pm weighing in at 6lbs 5ozs and is absolutely perfect. We are beyond excited that he is here safe and sound. Everything went well - epidural works We are still trying to decide on a middle name - I think we may be getting closer...finally! are a few pics of our new son :)

Here we go.....

Well I am officially Full Term today....37 weeks!!! Can't believe its here already.....I have been really starting to feel the days flying by - knowing its getting closer and time is running out. I finally got around to washing all his clothes and blankets last that was a huge weight off my chest. Everything else is pretty much ready - maybe just small things. So what are we going to do with all this time now while we are just waiting for his arrival? Well lucky for us, we won't have all that time to sit and wonder how to keep ourselves busy. Guess where I am right now?!?! I am at the hospital in labor!!!! My water broke this morning as I was just waking up. Talk about confusion.....I never experienced this with Brookie - they had to break my water for me. I was really hoping this is what it was - either that or we have some other bigger issues to deal with...hahaha. Anyway.....that was around 7am so I just kind of got up and decided I guess now was the perfect time to pack my bags for the hospital...(like I said...I procrascinated way too much this pregnancy). Then I threw in a load of laundry in the machine, took a shower and just took my time getting ready. I had absolutely no contractions so I still wasn't 100% sure what happenend. Then we finally made our way to the hospital around 10:30am. What a change from last time - its amazing how much easier it is to get ready and out the door with no painful contractions.

Its now just after 1pm...they started my pitocin about an hour and a half ago - feeling some contractions now - nothing too bad. Just nice to know I can get my epidural whenever I am ready - I won't have to go as long without this time and get to the same degree of pain as last thats a nice thought. is my last pregnancy pic taken today as we were about to walk out the door.....we were planning on doing one today anyway....just didn't realize it would be our last.....but believe me Im not complaining - I am READY!!!! He is full term so its all perfect timing for everyone :)

Friday, March 5, 2010

The Home Stretch

It's hard to believe but I am in the home stretch of pregnancy #2.....we are now within a month of my due date - 4 more weeks! In less a month's time we will have a new person in our house......can't wait! I really need to get on the ball and get everything in order - wash all the clothes, blankets, etc. I just don't think it has hit me for real that we are so close - just doesn't seem possible. I am down to weekly Dr's visits so that makes the time fly by even more. My weekly appointment was yesterday morning and so far I don't show any signs of going into labor. I think it will really hit me once she starts telling me I am starting to dialate....can't believe I am to this point already. We also had another ultrasound yesterday to verify how big this 'little one' is going to be. At our last ultrasound at the end of January, he was mearsuring a couple of weeks ahead size of course I am a tad concerned about how big he will be when the day comes. I was spoiled by Brookie - she was nice and tiny (of couse you would NEVER know that by looking at her now) but baby boy is anything but. Right now he is already about 5lbs 6ozs with a month left to pack on the pounds. So if he goes by the average weight gain of 0.5lb per week, we are looking at around 7.5lbs - Im ok with that. But we all know how wildly off they can be with these measurements - in either direction. So hopefully that is pretty accurate...but I guess time will tell. What we did confirm though was that he has a big head.....ouch! We noticed that last ultrasound too and so far he hasn't changed that should be interesting. ;) Here's a close up face shot we got of our little guy.....he has his eyes open and he looks like he has some CHUBBY cheeks....

In other news, Brooklynn is doing really well with potty training. She loves being a big girl and using her potty. She made it pretty easy on us and trained really fast. We haven't started on the night training yet and probably won't for a while, but the daytime training is off to a great start. We'll see how it goes once the baby is here b/c I have heard that a lot of kids will go backwards for a bit to show we will have to wait and see how that goes. Last week at her preschool, they had picture day on a pony to celebrate Go Texan Day.....her pics turned out so cute. She loves anything to do with it! Do you think she was excited or what?!?!

Sorry for not posting any recent belly pics - I'll try for this weekend. I've had a horrible cold again this week so I'm not really loving the idea of catching my look on I've definitely got a basketball in front now...hahaha!