Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Busy May

It has been a whirlwind of a month - so many things going on and thankfully - almost all of it winding down - we made it!  We have had so many commitments this last year during the week - every single day we have had something else going on - and many days, we had multiple things to attend.  So needless to say, I am looking forward to a more laid back summer.

First off, Brooklynn finished her first soccer season and it was a huge success.  When we first started in March, she was just kind of there doing her thing.  She enjoyed it, but you could definitely tell she had never played before.  Fast forward about a month and WOW....something clicked and she got it.  She went after the ball and scored lots of goals - she was loving it.  We can't wait for the Fall season to start back up...Go Brookie!!  She was also beside herself with excitement b/c she got her first official trophy......of course every kid on every team got one, but she was sooooo excited she brought the thing everywhere the first few days - ha!

Their soccer team, The Red Birds, originally had about 7 kids on it, but by the end, these 4 were all that were left - and they played their hearts out!

Then the next weekend Brooklynn finished up her Ballet with their big recital at the local high school.  She did awesome there as well.  The pics are kind of dark and grainy but we were sitting towards the back of the auditorium since I had a certain crazy 2 year old little brother with me.  That boy was W.I.L.D. that day...so needless to say, I spent most of my time outside with him letting blow off some energy.  I did make sure to make it back in to see Brookie do her dances. :)

Brooklynn had her friend, Lauren from school in her ballet class too this whole last year - never a dull moment with these two crazy girls!

Brookie dancing her heart out - front and center...

LOL....this move always made me hold my breath - they had to flip their bucket upside down and then climb up on it and balance on it....she nailed it!

Here is a shot of all the dance classes participating in the recital - it was so neat to see the progression of skills from the youngest dancers up to the oldest.....Brookie is in the 2nd row far right - second one from the right....beside her friend, Lauren of course :)

And guess what?  Miss Brooklynn got ANOTHER trophy for ballet....she was thrilled!

Her best buds from across the road, Elise & Olivia came to cheer her on and watch her dance.....and brought her some beautiful flowers :)

Proud Mommy & Daddy and our sweet girl.....we tried to get Cannon in the pic too, but if you look closely in the background behind me - he is running away - which pretty accurately describes any given day with Cannon - ha!

And here is my view for most of the recital....Cannon just RUNNING around like a crazy boy!  There was no way I could restrain him inside the auditorium the whole time, so we just stepped outside and let him run. He is seriously living up to the "terrible 2's"  If we make it out alive, it will be no small miracle - ha!

And finally, we reached the end of school for the kids last week too.  See what I mean...everything is winding down all at once - love it!  I do have to admit, school is probably the one I will miss most - and prob the one the kids will miss most.  I do love the routine that school provides and this year has been huge for both Brooklynn & Cannon.  It was huge for Cannon b/c it was his first time ever away from me and a huge growing experience for him.  He did great once he adjusted to his new environment.  He thrives on routine, so once he figured it all out, he loved it and his teachers.  Brooklynn had a huge year b/c it was her first official year of preschool.  She learned SOOOOOO much - I am just so excited for her.  She really is growing up before my eyes.  Only 1 more year and she will be starting kindergarten.....craziness!

I think its safe to say these 2 silly kids were just a tad bit excited for their last day of school and all the fun festivities they had planned.

Cannon thought he was too busy for pics since he needed to grill something before school and all....such a goofball!

Each kid in the class got an award for something they were the best at.  Are you ready to hear what Brooklynn got her award for???  Are you sure you are ready???  She was given the award for the "Best Rule Follower"......um.....I seriously busted out laughing when they said that.....don't get me wrong, she is a total sweetheart and has a heart full of gold....but rule follower caught me off guard.  Apparently (and I have been told this pretty much each year of school) she is soooo quiet at school and does exactly what she is told and never causes problems.  Im just wondering what happens to that same girl between the time I pick her up at school and walk in our door at home...lol.  All kidding aside, that did make me proud.  I'm so glad she isn't a problem student in the classroom....I would hate to have 'that kid' in the class that is always causing problems. Although I still may end up with 'that kid' with our dear, sweet Cannon - ha!

In Cannon's classroom, he was given the award for the sweetest smile.  Of course this was right before his epic meltdown all b/c I wanted a pic of him with his dear, sweet (patient) teachers who survived the year with my wild 2 year old - actually with a classroom of wild 2 year olds.

Looking through his memory book that his teachers made for each student....love it!

Finally got a decent pic with his teachers, Ms Susan & Ms Luz - at least he wasn't screaming anymore like we were trying to torture him ...lol.

And then back to Brooklynn's classroom to get a pic of her with her teachers, Ms Diana & Ms Karla - definitely a much easier job.  1,2,3 and done!

And that pretty much brings us back up to date on our lives.  Better late than never right?  Now we are just starting to settle into summer and have lots of fun!

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